Here’s How to Whistle Loud With or Without Fingers

Jun 15, 2020 09:55 AM

How to Whistle Loud - Photo by FotoRieth on Pixabay

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Either you're trying to have the attention of someone in a crowd, while hailing a cab, or looking for a good party trick, learning how to whistle loud is a great technique to have. It's useful to know whether you'd like to use your fingers or whistle without them before you learn how to whistle loud since the strategies are somewhat different.

Once that decision has been made, all you have to do is learn the proper technique of how to whistle loud and practicing every day! Take a look at the several techniques we have for you on how to whistle loud with or without fingers!

Method 1: How to Whistle Loud with Your Fingers

Image from Sound On Pexels

Step 1.

Moist the upper and bottom part of your lip, running your tongue on both sides. Apply chapstick or other moisturizers to keep your lips splitting when you are trying to whistle loudly. Moisture is also essential to the whistle sound, so keep your lips wet while you're practicing whistling.  

Step 2.

Set your index finger and thumb with the symbol "okay." Bring your thumb and pointer finger together while you keep your fingers relaxed. Touch your thumb and point fingertips, and create a circle shape.

Step 3.

Move back your thumb and index finger over your lips. Place your fingertips on the back of your tongue, and force your fingers softly to roll back your tongue. Roll your tongue 's top 1⁄4 back onto itself. Do not press too firmly, and hold your index finger and thumb tips together.

Step 4.

Close your lips over your fingers. Close your lips around your index finger and thumb first knuckle, leaving no space for breath to escape from the sides of your mouth. Leave a tiny space between the bottom of your lip and the inside of the ring your fingers make. That is where the air comes in, causing the noisy whistling effect.

Step 5.

Blow air between your fingers, through space. Inhale deeply through your nose, and exhale through space your fingers and the lower lip create. Blow through this space a consistent stream of air, until you hear a whistling sound. A loud, clear whistle can be heard in your fingertips across this room, after some practice.

Step 6.

Listen carefully to the noises that you produce with your whistle, and make corrections when you hear them. Airy, wheezing sounds mean you don't blow through the hole your fingers make and you should direct the air into the hole, or seal the lips around your fingers.

Step 7.

The last step on how to whistle loud with fingers is you need to practice whistling loudly. To most experienced whistlers, learning how to whistle softly requires four major levels of preparation. If you have problems moving on, make adjustments during each milestone.

Finally, there's a full-powered, clear whistle you'll find. If you do that up to this point, you know how to whistle loud now!

Method 2: How to Whistle Loud with Fingers

Photo by Виктория Бородинова on Pixabay

Step 1.

Pucker the lips into an "O" shape. Push your lips into the shape of a kiss, creating a circular space between your lips. Shape this type in a way that feels normal. Wet your lips before you make your lips pucker, as the moisture produces a louder whistle.

Step 2. 

Pull your tongue back behind your teeth. Fold back your tongue so it "floats" in your mouth just before your lower front teeth. Place your tongue gently behind your lower jaws, and leave your tongue calm and free. Your tongue will help bring out the noisy whistling sound, moving air between your lips across space.

Step 3

Blow up air from your mouth. Inhale slowly through your nose, then exhale equally, pushing the air between your lips into the vacuum. Experiment to find the whistle sound that fits your needs with different blowing intensities and consistent levels. When handled right, one will hear a simple whistle.

Step 4.

Optimize the whistle-sound. Once you've got the technique down and can make a whistling sound, practice loud whistling by exhaling harder and blowing more. Know how to blast out more air while keeping the correct technique and isolating the air to create a loud, sharp sound.

Proper technique and stronger blowing will make the loud, powerful whistling sound you’re aiming for.


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