How Long Should A Cover Letter Be? Guides on How to Write Proper Cover Letter

Oct 24, 2020 11:10 PM

How Long Should A Cover Letter Be? - Photo by Dirk Wouters from Pixabay
SHARE - A cover letter is a document that you submit as part of your job application alongside your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume.  It aims to briefly introduce yourself and summarize your professional background and experiences.

Since a cover letter is commonly the first document that committee members read, it should be as clear as possible, not too long but not too brief. Moreover, your cover letter should be good and can spark the recruiter.

A bad cover letter may end up paper shredder or in the trash. The first time the committee read a bad cover letter, they will not continue reading your CV and letter of recommendation.

So, you need to know in detail about cover letter including how long should a cover letter be. This article truly helps you because Tripboba will explain how long should a cover letter be and several tricks to write a good letter.

how long should a cover letter be for an academic position?

How Long Should A Cover Letter Be? - Photo by Free-Photos from Pixabay

How long should a cover letter be isn't depending on the type of cover letter. But, the academic cover letter usually uses very strict genre conventions. It should be more than one and a half but no more than 2 pages.

Avoid having a lot amount of white space, because this means you don’t have enough qualifications to talk about yourself. But you should also adjust the space so that it is easy to read.

Besides how long should a cover letter be, you should also notice how is the tone to write an academic cover letter. It must be formal and professional. Things to remember are that you are speaking as a potential colleague and you show your capability in academic writing.

You should also avoid repeating items from your Curriculum Vitae without including detailed context for their inclusion here.

The selection committee will read all your documents with care, that's why you have to narrate your experiences and persuade the committee that your qualifications meet the need for the academic position that they are looking for.

how long should a cover letter be for a job?

How Long Should A Cover Letter Be? - Photo by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

You must almost always include a cover letter in a job application. To attract the committee's attention, keep your cover letter brief. However, things that still unclear are about how long should a cover letter be.

If it too short, the employers may think you do not qualified enough. But if it too long, they probably will not take the time to read your letter.

The standard cover letter length for a job application is 250 to 400 words. It is between a half and one page with approximately 3 to 4 paragraphs long. The first paragraph is telling your self and why you apply for the job. Your second paragraph should focus on your professional background. Show them what you have achieved in your career.

You can expand about achievements in the third paragraph. Then, the last paragraph should include your contact details, so the committee can connect with you as soon as possible.

Moreover, to keep your cover letter concise and focus, you must write only one or two greatest professional achievements. You have to simplify the language, so your meaning will be well delivered. Also, make sure about sizing rules and spacing. Apply a single space to make your cover letter clear to read. 

how long should a cover letter be for an internship?

How Long Should A Cover Letter Be? - Photo by Free-photos from Pixabay

Just like applying for a job, when you apply for an internship, the employers might request a cover letter along with your resume, references, and other documents. The best way to convey that you are the best candidate for the internship is through your cover letter. It allows you to tell your skills and experiences.

You can use a proper business letter format that you can find many on the internet. Then, when writing a body letter, use some keywords from the internship listing. For instance, if the intern needs to have excellent “communication skills" you have to provide a specific example of how you meet this skill.

Also, you can include the academic experience to demonstrate your skills. Extracurricular or voluntary work experiences also good to be written.


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