How Often to Water Succulents: Simple Watering Methods for Your Succulents!

How Often to Water Succulents: Simple Watering Methods for Your Succulents!
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SHARE - Succulents differ from most other plants in that they have no leaves. It's only normal that if you try to water them like any other plant, particularly a houseplant, they'll die! This does not, however, imply that you should absolutely ignore them.

How often to water succulents? Succulents are tough little plants that don't need a lot of water to survive. They are native to arid climates and store extra water in their fleshy leaves, so they don't need much water. But just how often should you water this resilient plant? Read the article below to learn how often to water succulents!

How Often to Water Succulents Indoors

How Often to Water Succulents Indoors
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Indoors, succulents need a lot of light (out of the clear, hot sun). Some people are more comfortable indoors than others. However, the frequency at which you water them is determined by the amount of light they receive and the temperature of your home.

During the season, water succulents that are grown every two weeks indoors. It's every 3-4 weeks during the colder, darker winter months. They need less watering than succulents that are grown outdoors.

When it comes to indoor succulent watering, remember that less is enough. It should be every 7-14 days in the summer, and in the winter, it should be every 3-4 weeks. Offer them a good watering and then wait for the soil to dry out before watering again.

How Often to Water Succulents

How Often to Water Succulents
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There are four factors to consider before we learn about how often to water succulents.

1. Season

Most succulents grow rapidly in the spring and summer, so you'll need to water them much more frequently during this time. As they grow new stems, leaves, roots, and blooms, they draw water from the soil at an incredible pace.

Depending on light and temperature, you can need to water them three times a week. Succulents go dormant in the winter. Since they stop growing, you'll only have to water them once or twice during the season.

Giving a succulent too much water in the winter is one of the best ways to kill it, so avoid watering it from November to March. Allow your succulent to sleep peacefully in the aridity.

2. Container Size

Larger containers need less watering since the soil in them retains moisture for longer. Since the soil dries out faster in small, shallow containers, they will need to be watered more regularly.

3. Amount of Light

Succulents that receive 10 hours or more of direct sunlight would need more water than succulents that receive less light. Outdoor plants, in general, need more water than indoor plants because they receive more sunlight and are exposed to harsher conditions.

4. Humidity

Plants in high humidity and cooler temperatures need less frequent watering than hot, dry climates because moisture is retained for longer. Are your succulents in full sun on a patio in Phoenix? Watering should be done regularly. 

How often to water succulents? Succulents can only be watered after the soil has fully dried out. There is no one-size-fits-all watering schedule for all succulents in all climates.

Many indoor succulent growers find that watering their plants every 14 to 21 days is sufficient to keep them alive. Use this timeline as a guideline and make changes as needed.

How Often to Water Succulents in Winter

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels 

Watering succulents in the winter are the same as it is in the summer and spring. The only significant difference is the frequency at which the plants are watered. Since many succulents are dormant in the winter, they will need less water. Some, on the other hand, are aggressively rising and will need further focus.

You can only water your plants when the soil is fully dry, as a general rule. Allow them to go several days, if not a week, between watering. When it's time to water your succulent, it'll let you know.

Since the airflow inside is restricted compared to outside, your succulents may remain damp for an extended period of time if you don't use the correct soil. Watering your succulent too often will quickly destroy it.

Watering your succulent too often will quickly destroy it. Succulents in close proximity to a heating vent can need more frequent watering. The direct air and warmer temperatures will speed up the drying process.


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