How to Add Resume to LinkedIn: Look at These 4 Important Highlights

Jun 04, 2020 05:21 PM

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SHARE - LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking website in the world. Besides, it is one of the biggest job search sites. There are many employers who list jobs on this platform over other known job boards because of the size of the potential applicant in this platform. In addition, there are advanced filter choices on LinkedIn.

A smart job seeker needs to make use of both a resume as well as LinkedIn to help support his/her job application. Note that your LinkedIn profile and your resume are not the same. You probably want to add your resume to your LinkedIn profile.

Well, in this post, Tripboba will tell you two methods of how to add resume to LinkedIn. Here we go!

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1. How to Add a Resume to LinkedIn as Featured Media

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LinkedIn allows its users to add links, articles, as well as files to their profile. If you like companies to look and read your resume when they discover you on LinkedIn, you have to upload a resume under your name. After that, headline it as “featured media.”

Here’s how to add resume to LinkedIn profile:
Step 1: Head to your profile
Step 2: Click the “Add profile section” button. Then, you need to expand the “Feature” tab.
Step 3: Choose “Media”. Select the resume file you like to add from your computer.

Even though you can upload a resume on your own profile, we do not suggest uploading your resume here. We have two reasons for this.
First, depending on the privacy settings you have set, your resume is accessible and available for everyone on LinkedIn to see and download. It is necessary to be cautious in sharing personal information like your address and your name.

Second, LinkedIn already displays the history of your work. Recruiters are able to see your resume through looking at your profile. Hence, an additional file is not needed.

You have to get recruiters to see and notice you on LinkedIn by updating the history of your work regularly. Besides, you need to be active on this platform, not by adding your resume to your LinkedIn profile.
But, the decision is on your hand. Whether you want to add your resume to your LinkedIn profile or not, it’s depending on your preferences.

2. How to Add a Resume to LinkedIn Using Easy Apply Job Applications

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The best way of how to add resume to LinkedIn is to upload a targeted resume every time you apply for a new job using the “Easy Apply” function of LinkedIn.

Here’s how to add resume to LinkedIn during the job application process.
Step 1: Look for a job utilizing the LinkedIn Jobs page.
Step 2: Discover a job listing using an “Easy Apply” icon. After that, you need to click on the job to get more information.
Step 3: Tap the “Easy Apply” button and then complete the required fields.
Step 4: Choose “Upload Resume” if you want to add a resume file.
Step 5: Click “Submit Application”.

After you follow these steps of how to add resume to LinkedIn, this platform will save your four most recent resumes. It will allow you to update your resumes as well as target various jobs. Additionally, you are able to discover your saved resumes under LinkedIn’s job application settings. It can easily change them.

If you like to get your resume off LinkedIn, you are able to delete it by clicking “delete” on the application setting page. Besides, you can delete it on the featured media page. It depends on where you added it.

3. Should We Add Resume to LinkedIn?

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Since it’s risky to share your personal information, you don’t need to add your resume to your LinkedIn. But, adding a targeted resume when you apply for new jobs on LinkedIn can be a perfect way to use the platform.

Pro tip: When you attach a resume to your LinkedIn profile, note to write a good LinkedIn summary. It will help you to discover work on the platform.

4. Conclusion

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Those are the explanations about how to add resume to LinkedIn. Follow the steps of how to add resume to LinkedIn above. To do so, you can use a computer, laptop, LinkedIn Android, or iPhone apps.

In case you can't add your resume to LinkedIn, there is a possibility that you are using the wrong file format. In addition, you are following the old method to add a resume to the profile’s “About” section.

Note that you are able to add your LinkedIn profile URL to your resume. Many modern resume templates usually include a section where you are able to link to your social media profiles.


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