How to Appear Offline on Facebook: Browse Your News Feed Privately

How to Appear Offline on Facebook: Browse Your News Feed Privately
Facebook - Photo by William Iven on Pixabay
SHARE - It’s always been a pleasure to surf Facebook: scrolling the timeline, liking, reacting, commenting, and sharing people’s posts. Some of them are inspirational, interesting, and even funny.

Not to mention the information we get from pages we follow which are quite educational, as well as the latest news. We just don’t want to miss a thing. Also, the exciting side of playing the games offered by the site, no one can resist the joy of Facebook.

And yet, there are times where we want to enjoy Facebook peacefully. Keeping the anonymity, without announcing our presence on the site to others. And most importantly, no one chatting us—sometimes we just don’t want to be disturbed.

Well, this is where you want to switch off that online status so that you can just enjoy your time quietly on the platform. That’s why, if such a situation is so relatable to you, you might want to learn how to appear offline on Facebook. Keep reading the article to know how!

How to Appear Offline on Facebook Messenger

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“Uh no, the Messenger notification pops up! Can’t people just leave me alone for a while? I just want to scroll through the posts made by cat fan pages and watch the cute cat videos!”

If you experience this kind of problem, then you might want to learn how to appear offline on Facebook Messenger. Before getting down to the issue, bear in mind that Facebook continues to treat Facebook Messenger and Facebook Chat as different things in the web browser, even though all of your conversations end up in the same window.

When you click the Messenger shortcut on the left side of the Facebook page, you open Facebook Messenger. But if you text someone from the pop-up window that appears over your Facebook news feed, that's Facebook Chat. You’ll want to set your active status for both of these. It’s nothing difficult, though, so simply follow the given instructions below to know how:

Step 1.
Open Facebook in a browser.

Step 2.
In the Chat tab in the lower right corner of your screen, click the Gear icon and then click "Turn Off Active Status."

Step 3.
In the Active Status window that appears, click "Turn off active status for all contacts" and then click "Okay."

How to Appear Offline on Facebook

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Do you know that even if you’ve turned off the active status on Facebook Messenger, some people may still find that you’re online? No, you don't make any mistakes. You swear you’ve turned off your Messenger and yet your account still appears online!

Many don’t realize this, but you have two different online status settings to deal with if you want to appear offline at all times. Not only turning off your active status on Messenger, but you also have to set your status on the actual Facebook app itself. Follow these steps to know how to appear offline on Facebook app:

Step 1.
Open the Facebook app and tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) on the right to access a list of options.

Step 2.
Scroll down and tap "Settings & Privacy" to expand a new set of options. 

Step 3.
Tap "Settings," then scroll down to the "Privacy" section. 

Step 4.
Locate "Active Status" and select it to open a new screen, then flip the "Show when you're active" switch to the off position.

How to Appear Offline on Facebook Mobile to Some of Your Contacts

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If there are one or more people whom you would rather not chat with, you can make it appear that you're offline only for certain users. You can choose to "Turn off active status for only some contacts…" and enter those names.

You can also do the opposite— choose "Turn off active status for all contacts except…". This way you can appear offline for almost everyone except the ones you prefer not to.

How to Appear Offline on Facebook Messenger App

Photo by Oliver Graumnitz on Pixabay

If you’re using Facebook Messenger app and want to appear offline, follow these simple steps:

Step 1.
Open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone.

Step 2.
Tap your profile's avatar at the top left of the screen.

Step 3.
Tap "Active Status."

Step 4.
Turn off "Show when you're active" by moving the slider to the left and then confirm by tapping "Turn Off."


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