How to Apply Eyeshadow: Best Tricks to Finally Getting Your Eyeshadow Right

How to Apply Eyeshadow: Best Tricks to Finally Getting Your Eyeshadow Right
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SHARE - It's pretty quick to add eyeshadow. However, it is no simple task to learn to apply eye makeup in the right way. How do you choose the correct shade for your skin tone and eye color?

We know that it is confusing to apply the right ways to make your eyes pop. So, here we've compiled a guide on how to apply eyeshadow. Let's get started!

How To Apply Cream Eyeshadow

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Step 1. Prime your eyelids.

The first thing you need to do about how to apply eyeshadow cream is to use an eyeshadow primer to primer your eyelids. Although you can skip this step, for those with oily lids, a primer is suggested.

Step 2. Apply a base coat of cream eyeshadow.

The second crucial thing about how to apply eyeshadow cream is to apply the cream shadow using either a sterile fingertip or a mixing eyeshadow brush using your choice of cream eyeshadow. Begin dabbing the cream on the center of your eyelid and disperse it to the outer and inner corner of your eye if you're using your finger.

Step 3. Blend cream eyeshadow with powder eyeshadow.

You should stop here and move on to eyeliner and mascara if you're looking for a smooth, easy eyeshadow look. If you want to create a beauty look with more dimension or something similar to a smoky eye, use powder eyeshadow to transform into complementary shades.  

Step 4. Apply cream shadow along your lash line.

Use your ring finger or a thick makeup brush to trace a sweep of cream makeup over your lower lash line and into the inner corners of your eye as another easy move for some extra drama and glam.  

Step 5. Finish with mascara and eyeliner.

Wrap up your masterpiece of eye shadow with your combination of eyeliner and mascara.

How To Apply Eyeshadow To Hooded Eyes

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Step 1. Know your product placement

Add lots of light to the inner corner of the eye and a little underneath the eye. This will make the eyes wider and add an illusion of space.

Step 2. Reduce the risk of creasing

Unfortunately, hooded eyelids mean that it is more likely that the eye shadow will crease. Before applying some makeup, coat the lids with a primer. Building your eyeshadow will provide a smooth base and serves as an adhesive to make sure it stays put.

Step 3. Keep your eyes open

Your normal instinct may be to shut your eyes while you use eyeshadow, but opening your eyes will make a lot of difference. Apply a shadow right over the natural crease, and you won't see it when you open your eyes if you apply it to the lid.

Step 4. Create your crease

You cannot see the crease while the eyes are open, so it's efficient to build your own. In windscreen wiper motions, softly wipe your brush to begin to create dimension.

Step 5. Flick it out

Although applying eyeliner can be a simple job for others, fit's the most challenging or those with hooded eyes, Remember the kind of object you're going to use before starting your flick. Using a product you are familiar with is essential.

How To Apply Eyeshadow Step By Step

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Step 1. Apply eyeshadow primer

You need to add eyeshadow primers to your lids to begin the steps on how to apply eyeshadow step-by-step. When you want your eye shadow to remain in place and last through the day, prepping your lids is a must.

Step 2. Apply a nude base

Apply a nude shade that complements your skin tone using a fluffy blending eyeshadow brush and thoroughly blend it in. In just about every look, this step improves the versatility and intensity of the colors you use.

Step3. Enhance the crease save

Using a fluffy blending brush, add a light brown-toned eyeshadow to your crease. To your lower lash line, add some color and blend it out well, particularly towards the outer corners.

Step 4. Add some color

Apply a dark burgundy eyeshadow, focusing only on the outer corners of the color. For a smokey effect, softly extend it past your crease. For the lower lash line, use the same shade as well.

Step 5. Create a gradient

Apply to your lids the nude eyeshadow, which you used in the second phase. Again, for a gentler look, use the nude shadow to smooth out the edges of the burgundy eyeshadow.

Step 6. Define your lower lashline

Bring a brown kohl pencil to the waterline and add it. To create the beautiful smokey look, make sure to smudge it in.

Step 7. Amp up your lashes

The last thing you need to do on how to apply eyeshadow step-by-step is to apply a thick mascara coat on your lower lashes to contrast the top and the bottom. That's all the step-by-step guide on how to apply eyeshadow. Finish the rest of your makeup to complete the look!


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