How to Approach a Girl: 8 Useful Tips All Men Should Know!

How to Approach a Girl: 8 Useful Tips All Men Should Know!
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SHARE - How to approach a girl to get her love is not easy. Remembering a girl’s heart that is as deep as the ocean is very unpredictable, and can upset your heart. Don't worry, there are many roads leading to Rome. Learn and practice some ways to approach a girl and make her like you.

Scientifically, girls love some of the things that men do. If you know what a girl is attracted to, then she will come closer to you and may like you. Approaching girls is not that simple, but there is nothing wrong with trying to do some helpful tips on how to approach a girl below.

5 Tips on How to Approach a Girl You Like

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1. Express Your Feeling

Several studies have shown that feelings can be contagious. That means, if you feel happy and excited, then the girl you are in love with can also feel the same way.

Usually, the process of approaching makes men nervous. If you show nervousness, then the girl you are dating will also feel nervous. In the end, dating feels boring.

So, don't cover your feelings for him. Show how you like him, through facial expressions and speech intonation.

2. Be Nice and Friendly to Her

If a girl sees your presence as making other people happy, then she will think that you are a good man. Try to be friendly with the friends around you. Rest assured, the girl you like will pay attention.

Being nice is one of the most important things in how to approach a girl. It is because nice is the most essential thing of being human.

5 Tips on How to Approach a Girl at a Bar

5 Tips on How to Approach a Girl at a Bar
Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

3. Be a Mysterious Man

Don't always “pop up” and try to get his attention. Occasionally, keep yourself busy with other activities. The Journal of Applied Psychology explains that people are more attracted to rare objects.

In this case, you can look "rare" in the eyes of a girl if not always "there" in front of her. Trying to be a little mysterious towards the girl you like, doesn't hurt, right?

4. Get Along with Girls

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According to the study The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, girls are more attracted to men who already have lovers. You don't need to have a lover, really, to make a girl you like to pay attention to you. One easy way is to get along with a girlfriend so that she will start to notice and be attracted to you.

5. Give a Simple Touch

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Maybe you've heard of oxytocin, the love hormone. Its existence can make the girl you like attracted to you. One way to produce the hormone oxytocin is by physical touch.

The touch that is meant here is not a frontal touch that can make a girl feel afraid of you. Try to give a simple touch such as tapping the shoulder when you hear his confession. It could be that this is the key that can open his heart to you.

Those are 5 simple tips on how to approach a girl, whether you meet her at the mall, a party, a bar, or anywhere. The most important thing above all is to be confident and make your first move.

Then, how to approach a girl online? Well, we got your back. Let's go to the next page and find it out!

3 Tips How to Approach a Girl Online

In the past, people were shy or were reluctant to greet directly people they liked, so they would write letters and give them to their loved ones.

While waiting for a reply from him/her, sometimes there will be a friend who is swift to deliver the letters until it reaches the girl's hands. Today, you can do it on social media and these are the tips on how to approach a girl that you’re interested in through social media.

Let's get it started!

6. Make Your Social Media Account Legit

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The profile referred to here is the authenticity of the identity attached to your social media profile information page. Provide a correct and clear identity so that it can be easily recognized by the girl.

For example, in the use of name and date of birth as well as address and school and so on. Try not to use words that have the impression of “exaggerated” in the attachment of your full name and bio.

Don't forget to put your original photo well and clearly, because it will attract the attention of girls to learn more about your details and hobbies.

7. Use Casual and Polite Language

It will be an added value for a guy if in the conversation he can use language that is easy to understand and the discussion is “nowhere.” Moral speech and the impression “not dirty” will also make girls give good judgments for you.

Like the first time you say hello, use words that are not strange like 'hello', 'hi', and others that you think are proper and polite words. If you can do it then just be sure it will have a positive influence on the girl's mindset.

8. Find a Fun and Interesting Topic

Discussions that he thinks are not important to discuss sometimes make girls reluctant to continue the conversation longer because the topics built by you are too monotonous, “cheapy”, or sometimes seem repetitive from the previous topic.

Therefore, try to provide interesting topics to discuss, such as hobbies or favorite foods, you can indirectly learn the character of the girl about the things she likes or hates.

Create a comfortable atmosphere for him without giving boundaries for him to tell you, and if you succeed in attracting his attention then you can go to the next stage.

Those are 3 tips on how to approach a girl on social media that you can try. You can always get the girl you like as long as you can manage your social media and your appearance. Don’t give up!


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