How to be a smart person


How to be street smart

How to Be Smart - Photo by Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels

While everyone craves intelligence—perhaps the kind that has so much to do with reading lots of books and knowing many different kinds of things—we often wonder how to be smart in dealing with the potential difficulties or dangers of life in an urban environment, a.k.a. street smart.

Don’t get it wrong—street-smarts have nothing to do with your ability to score well on a test! It’s a different kind of intelligence, which starts with awareness of our “primal flaws” or irrational thinking and cognitive biases.

Being street smart means, you embrace awareness of yourself and other people around you. You acknowledge your weakness and strive to improve yourself.

You know that things aren’t just skin deep, and thus you won’t judge others that easily. These all help with your interpersonal relationship, decision-making, communication, and many others. So, the first key here is being aware.

What else can you do to enhance your street smarts, then? First, you can try broadening your perspective. Instead of seeing things in black and white, we should understand that there’s no such thing as certainty in reality.

We can’t always be sure that we are correct, and so other people—thus, staying unbiased is important. That way, you can approach a setback more logically as you don’t let the emotions or other personal feelings mess up with your judgment. You also won’t be easily manipulated by others.

Setting your boundaries is also important. Though we know that there’s no absolute certainty in this world, don’t let yourself be defined by others’ opinions. Stay true to yourself: you have values that may not align with others, but it’s not a problem!

So long as you can communicate it to others and set healthy boundaries, you can tackle any difference and adversity and work together with other people. Learning how to be smart in handling real-life situations is quite interesting, isn’t it?


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