How to Be Smart: 3 Killer Advices for You to Boost Your Intelligence


How to be smart in school

How to Be Smart - Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels

If the smart you’re talking about is more on the academic side—say, being an intelligent student in school—then what should you do? Well, I think the answer is pretty apparent: study hard and succeed! But is it that simple? Of course not—it’s a lot of work!

Don’t worry, though; you can learn how to be smart in class with the proper studying tactics and a few tricks up your sleeve.

You can start by organizing your school materials and making yourself a comfortable study space to help you study and doing homework better at home, actively asking about supplementary readings, consulting with your teachers, setting study goals, working in a study group, or even getting a tutor to help with your study.

There are still plenty of other tips you can follow, but one thing you should understand is not to make studying your burden. You can try making pretty study notes and bullet journals, watching YouTube videos, or listening to podcasts to help you study better while still having fun.

It’s also better to show your talent and apply your skills by joining a competition, call for papers, volunteering, etc., rather than just being book smart without actualizing your potentials.


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