How to Become a Flight Attendant: Here’s the Ultimate Guide You Should Know!

How to Become a Flight Attendant: Here’s the Ultimate Guide You Should Know!
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SHARE - Do you want to be a flight attendant? Well, being a flight attendant is much more than just serving a drink to a passenger. Besides, it’s difficult to argue that it is a great job with perks including flying for free. Also, this job allows you to travel around the world without paying for plane tickets!

If you are thinking about being a flight attendant, you may come to several questions. In this article, let’s answer the typical questions such as how to become a flight attendant. Let’s have a check!

How long does it take to become a flight attendant?

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Before we dig deeper into how to become a flight attendant, let’s see the time estimation to get this job. To become a flight attendant, the minimum education requirement is a high school degree.

But it does not mean that you can join this industry out of high school. You need to pass a long process to become a flight attendant. Let’s have a look at how much time the entire process would take.

  • Education (4 years)

Depending on the airline and the country, the requirement for the minimum age for any flight attendant is approximately 18-21. It means that there is enough to take a bachelor’s degree before you apply to be a flight attendant.

While you are waiting for the change of age, it’s advised to get a bachelor's degree whenever possible. This title will also be used later. It’s also important to take up courses such as travel, tourism, and foreign languages.

  • Job Experience (2 years)

The only work experience that is valued by airlines other than flight attendants has to do with customer interactions. After earning a bachelor's degree, try to get a job where you interact directly with customers such as call centers, restaurants, and hotels. Most airlines require FA candidates to have at least 2 years of work experience before applying.

  • Waiting Time (a few months)

The most harrowing time is waiting for the airline to call you for an interview after you've applied for the post. It can take some weeks to wait. But, in some cases, it may take several years and multiple callbacks to the same airline.

Therefore, we recommend that you keep working and wait for the airline to call back while you are working. You may also need to call back once in a while to increase your opportunities for getting an interview.

  • Flight Attendant Training (Maximum 6 months)

If you make it through the interview and get selected for flight attendant training, then great job! You almost reach your goal! Depending on the airline and the country, flight attendant training can last for 2 weeks or even be expanded to 6 months

  • Probation (6 months)

After graduating from flight attendant training, you will begin working as a flight attendant very briefly. That is, you have to be very careful not to make mistakes during this time. Your seniors will watch over you and report on even the smallest rules you probably break.

So, how long does it take to become a flight attendant? In conclusion, it takes about 8 years after high school to become a flight attendant. Also, it includes a full year of waiting time. Hence, if you are lucky, it probably takes just 7 years.

How to become a flight attendant with no experience?

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Now, we are going to discuss how to become a flight attendant. You should know those flight attendant requirements are difficult, and the process can take a long time. Here are the steps of how to become a flight attendant you should know.

Step 1: Learn the Requirements

The first step of how to become a flight attendant is to learn the requirements. Some flight attendant requirements are universal, however, if you set on a specific airline, you should know the specific requirements of that airline.

Step 2: Assess Your Experience and Personal Skills

The second step of how to become a flight attendant is to assess your own personal skills and experience. Remember, that age, training, personality, education, foreign language skills, maturity, and location are all factors in the hiring decision.

Step 3: Look for and Apply for Flight Attendant Jobs

This step is probably not as simple as it sounds. Once you get into the interview process, the competition gets tougher. Therefore, you should be prepared for your interview completely.

Step 4: Getting the Offer

Congrats! Once you have passed the interview, and you have accepted, it means that you have been hired by an airline! After you pass the pre-employment check, the airlines will have you orientated and trained on their own aircraft. This process is done under their own FAA-approved policies.

Step 5: Complete Airline Orientation

The next step of how to become a flight attendant is to complete airline orientation as well as aircraft familiarization. All airlines demand new employees to finish an orientation training program. Besides, flight attendants must complete orientation on every specific aircraft for that airline, very few airlines own the same aircraft.

Step 6: Get Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency

After you have done the orientation, crew members that work on a plane with over 20 seats will need an FAA-issued Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency. You will receive this certificate from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).


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