3 Ways How to Block Sites on Chrome You Should Know!


2. How to Block Sites on Google Chrome

Annoying ads that keep on popping up on the site make you want to block them. One way to stop them from coming is by installing the "Block Site" extension.

This extension is used to block individual pages or entire websites. At the same time, it authorizes you to control access to the block list to maintain its integrity by setting a password.

Read on this section of how to block websites on chrome to know how to use this extension to block websites on chrome tutorials permanently.

Step 1. Open Chrome and head to the "Block sites" page to install the extension. Proceed with the installation.

Step 2. Click "Add to Chrome". Then you will be redirected to a new address.  Click "Add Extension" in the pop-up options. This will be a prompt where you need to install blocking sites. After the installation is complete, you will be redirected to a page where you need to click "Agree".

Step 3. After the page finally loads, you can enter the website or specific webpage you want to block. You must copy and paste the website/URL of the website to add to the block list.

Step 4. Fill in the input fields. Then click the button next to it. The website will be successfully added to the block list.

Step 5. Now, to your blocklist from any unwanted access or modification, you will need to do this step. Go to the "Password Protection" tab. In these four options, check the box next to the "Use a password to protect your preferred Block site options and Chrome extension pages" option.

Step 6. After checking the box, you will be asked to enter your email ID and set a password. After filling in the input fields, click "Save". Make sure that the ID entered is valid, as it needs to be verified.

Step 7. You need to verify the entered email ID. If it's already right, you can choose "OK." Now open your email and click on "Verify Now."

Step 8. Now it's time to enable it in incognito mode. This can be crucial because if you don’t do this anyone can access the blocked website by turning on incognito mode.


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