How to Build a House in Minecraft: Follow These Basics to Level Up Your Game

How to Build a House in Minecraft: Follow These Basics to Level Up Your Game
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SHARE - Some of your friends playing Minecraft may prefer to stay nomadic. But do you know that the beauty of Minecraft is honing your skill to build an architecture special to you? It may start from some simple design, gradually improved into some amazing structure you’ve never imagined of.

Aside from the aesthetic qualities, a home actually benefits you in many aspects—this is especially true if you’re a beginner. It protects you from hostile mobs, lowering your chances of death. So, it's best to make one on the first day of survival mode.

Learn the basics of how to build a house in Minecraft through this article now and expand your talent once you’ve mastered the essentials.

How to Build a House in Minecraft: Preparation

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There are some preparations you gotta do before deciding to build a house. One of the most essentials for a beginner is to find the proper location where you can build your house. Actually, you can do it just anywhere, but paying attention to the strategy on choosing the location will totally worth it.

Perhaps the best strategy for an early-game dwelling is to find a high point (e.g., a hill or a mountain) with plenty of flat lands all around. Speed-wise, this is because the less brush you have to clear, the faster you’ll have a house. You'll most likely want around 10 blocks by 10 blocks of space.

How to Build a House in Minecraft: Crafting the Required Items

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After you’ve decided a location for your house, then open the crafting menu and prepare the crafting table to start making the materials needed. The most essential item of all for your house is absolutely the bed. 

A bed is a block that allows a player to both bypass the night cycle and set a spawn point. You’ll respawn at your bed if you die while scavenging.

To make a bed, prepare required items such as 3 matching pieces of wool and 3 pieces of any planks. 

Put the wools in the first row and put any planks you have below. You can obtain the wools by killing sheep, while the planks are obtained from chopping one block of wood which later being crafted into four planks. Once finished, place your bed on the ground. You will need at least two blocks of space for the bed.

How to Build a House in Minecraft: Creating a Temporary Shack

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Start to create walls surrounding the bed to block any mobs from attacking you while you sleep. Mine around 20 blocks of dirt and use the dirt to create walls that are at least two blocks high at the head of your bed and on either side of the bed.

Getting enough protection from the shack, sleep in your bed once night falls by tapping the bed. You’ll sleep through the night, and when you’re awake in the morning, your spawn point will be reset to your bed.

How to Build a House in Minecraft: Craft Some Essential Tools

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If you want to build more than a modest shack, you’ll need some tools to help you expedite the process such as pickaxe (to mine stone, coal, and other ores), shovel (to dig up dirt, sand, clay, and gravel quickly), and axe: to chop wood quickly and make stripped logs). Restore them in a chest.

How to Build a House in Minecraft: Choose a Primary Material for Your House

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Decide on a primary house material. You can either choose cobblestone, wood, or dirt. But, you might want cobblestone because it’s the sturdiest material commonly used. Detail your house with wood and sandstone for some touches.

How to Build a House in Minecraft: Start from the Foundation and Up

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Dig out the foundation. Using a shovel and/or a pickaxe, remove a 10 by 10 square of blocks from the area in which you want to build your house. If you're short on time or resources, you can always go smaller than 10x10. 

Once the foundation is done, lay the floors. You’ll find that wood is the most common material for flooring, though it’s up to you in choosing the materials. After that, build the walls. Unlike your shack, you'll want your house's walls to be at least four blocks high.

How to Build a House in Minecraft: Some Final Touches

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The high walls will reach the top and before it’s time to make the roof, don’t forget to place some torches inside of the house for lighting. After that, you can proceed to add the roof and a front door for your easy access to go inside or outside the house.


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