How to Build a Nether Portal in Minecraft without Diamonds, Easy Minecraft Tutorial!

How to Build a Nether Portal in Minecraft without Diamonds, Easy Minecraft Tutorial!
Image by Matthew McVickar via Flickr
SHARE - Want to know how to build a nether portal without diamonds? You are right on the spot! Here, Tripboba will provide a step-by-step guide on how to build a nether portal. But bear in mind that this method does have some limitations.

Contrary to common opinion, a working nether portal in Minecraft can be built without collecting those enigmatic diamonds. While it is accurate that obsidian, the primary element in creating a nether portal, can't be destroyed or mined with anything but a diamond pickax by the player, there are ways around it if you want a little shortcut.

1. How to build a nether portal: the materials

Image by TRaccoon via Flickr

- A lava source

This one is a little more difficult to get through. You will have to find a natural lava reservoir from which to draw, and you cannot count on having an infinite source. If you have a wide range of iron buckets, you can import that lava from distant lands, but you will want to have at least ten buckets of lava.  

- A water source

Obsidian is created when water comes into contact with a block of lava. That means you will need a water source that can be replenished to complete that.  

Next, you will need extra building blocks. We suggest to use cobblestone but actually, you can use anything you want. This isn't smoking, it's readily available and gravity doesn't affect it.

- Iron buckets

The buckets are useful for transporting liquid from one location to another. In this case, anywhere if you get the liquid to your project for the construction of your nether portal.  

-Flint and steel

A fire starter is a must to illuminate a lower portal after it has been installed, and you'll need to be careful with flint and steel. Nevertheless, it is incredibly simple to make, taking only one piece of flint and one ingot of iron to get the job done.

- A pickaxe

Supposed you've chosen cobblestone as your choice material, you'll need to have a pickaxe to mine it when done. Iron or diamond is favorite.

2. How to Build a Nether Portal in Minecraft

Image by Richard Thomson via Flickr

After all of the resources have been gathered up, it is time to start creating a nether gateway. Follow the instructions below on how to build a nether portal and in no time you will have a perfect nether portal.

How to build a nether portal without diamonds:

Step 1. Find the right place for your nether portal. We suggest either constructing a closed area for it or keeping it separate from everything else, since Nether mobs may sometimes travel through a portal.

Step 2. Start building your mold by putting the building blocks on the surface in a three-block by a six-block rectangle.

Step 3. Four blocks long, you should have one single line of lava. Each lava block needs to be full so for each spot, you'll need a bucket of lava.

Step 4. Get on one end of the mold and finish by pouring a bucket of water. This is going to make some chaos but you can pick up the water. The water must run over the blocks of lava and transform each into obsidian.

Step 5. Create a column on either end, with a 1 block opening directly above the obsidian blocks. That is how we create the nether portal sides.

Step 6. You need to repeat the third and fourth step. There can be only one way to become obsidian, so you're going to do a lot of that.

Step 7. Repeat two more times on both sides, steps 5 and 6. Five obsidian blocks from top to bottom ought to be on either side of the nether door.

Then for the top, create a simple one block bridge down from the top of your obsidian pillars.

Step 8. After that, give the bridge railing. The railing should be level with your obsidian pillar at its top. There is no reason to let lava spill anywhere.

Step 9. Follow steps 3 and 4, again. You must have a fully functional nether portal when the water is cleaned up!

Step 10. Clear all of your excess building materials to reveal your portal below. Check to ensure that your measurements are correct. If something is wrong, you may need to repeat those steps at another location.

Step 11. Finally, the last step on how to build a nether portal in Minecraft is you need to take your flint and steel and light one of the bottom corners of the nether portal. If everything is correct, the nether portal should be filled with an ominous purple glow. It's your cue to go inside.


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