How to Calm Down: Follow These Tips to Tone Down the Nerves

How to Calm Down: Follow These Tips to Tone Down the Nerves
How to Calm Down - Photo by Engin_Akyurt from Pixabay
SHARE - A panic attack is a sudden fear that creeps into someone and it happens unexpectedly. The common symptoms of a panic attack are excessive heart pounding, heavy breathing, or cannot breathe properly, or someone may feel like they are dying or going crazy because of it. A panic attack can happen at any time that you do not expect it. Commonly, a panic attack comes with the trigger. If you know what the thing that could trigger it to arouse, you might control it better with these How to Calm Down tips.

But, most of the time people hard to find the cause of the panic attack. This panic disorder could also attack anyone, including you. So, what should you do if you are experiencing a sudden panic attack in your life? Let's find out together with Tripboba through this article on How to Calm Down down below.

First of all, anxiety is not your fault. It can happen to anyone at any time with no exception. Know yourself, so you can be ready to handle it. In this article, Tripboba will share with you the steps on How to Calm Down when you are experiencing anxiety or panic attack. It could happen to just anyone at any time, so better to be ready than doing nothing, right? Stay tuned to the very end of this article on How to Calm Down and learn the tips for it. Are you ready to begin? Come and follow us!

How to Calm Yourself Down

How to Calm Down - Photo by xusenru from Pixabay

If you feel weary, there are several tips that you can perform to calm yourself down. Here are the things that you can try out if you have an anxiety problem and How to Calm Down.

1. Try to control your breath.

If you feel angry, upset, or anxious, usually your breathing pattern will be faster and it could lead to a serious stage like difficulty breathing. Try to take a deep and long breath for some time to calm yourself.

2. Acknowledge that you are in an angry state or anxious.

By admitting that you are in a bad state, you will let yourself understand our feeling. Try to express your feeling to make you feel relieved.

3. Tidy up your thoughts. 

Avoid having irrational thoughts that will make you more anxious. Try to escape the "what if" cycle questions.

4. Release it.

If you feel stuffy inside, try to express it. Do the things that can release your uncomfortable feeling, however, you should avoid the physical activity that might put you in dangerous situations like punching or screaming. Instead, you can have a light run or take a quick walk.

How to Calm Down Anxiety

How to Calm Down Anxiety
How to Calm Down - Photo by Engin_Akyurt from Pixabay

Here is the list of activities that can help you to tone down the anxiety that you are experiencing.

- Eat a well-balanced meal.

- Get enough sleep.

- Try to count to 10 slowly.

- Have regular exercise. 

- Relax your mind with various activities like yoga, meditation, get a massage, listening to peaceful music, and more.

- Limit the caffeine and alcohol intake.

- Take a long deep breath.

- Keep a positive mind inside of you.

- Know yourself and learn what will trigger your anxiety.

- Talk it out with someone that you trust.

How to Calm Down From a Panic Attack

How to Calm Down - Photo by geralt from Pixabay

Anxiety could lead to bigger problems and sometimes it will be a panic attack that can come at any time without any notice. Here are the things that you can try out if you are experiencing a panic attack in your life.

Step 1. Take a deep breath through your nose as long as you can. You can also close your eyes.

Step 2. Then, release the breath slowly and deeply through your mouth.

Step 3. Count 1 to 5 steadily in between in-breathe and out-breathe to help you overcome the attack better.

Step 4. Repeat step 1 to step 3 while closing your eyes until you feel better.

Note: Try to perform the in-breathe and out-breathe slowly, deeply, and as gently as you can. Calm your mind while you perform the breathing tricks.

That is all the methods on How to Calm Down when you are experiencing a sudden panic attack. Remember, a panic attack could happen to just anyone, so better to prepare yourself and be ready whenever it will come. Tripboba wishes you a healthy and happy day! 

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