How to Cancel Amazon Order: You Can Follow These Easy Steps

How to Cancel Amazon Order: You Can Follow These Easy Steps
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SHARE - Shopping from home lately becoming a hot trend for people all around the world. It is easy and less effort is needed to get things that you wish for. You can order everything from anywhere you like at any time. For people who are busy with their works, online shipping is much more convenient to do. 

You get what you want without getting troubled sparring time and effort to drive to the shops. Just sitting comfortably on a chair, all you need is a device to access the online shopping platform. We all agree that Amazon is the most popular online shopping platform that ships anything all over the world.

Amazon is the world's largest online retailer available nowadays. It is a multinational company where the headquarters settled in Seattle, United States. Founded in 1994, Amazon becomes the biggest marketplace, AI assistant provider, and cloud computing platform with over USD 280.522 billion in revenue in 2019. 

You can get everything through Amazon. From daily use to home appliances or software that your computers need, everything available in this online market place. People find it interesting and more convenient to shop from anywhere and anytime they like.

But doing online shopping does not always like having sweet cakes. Sometimes you do make a mistake on your order. It is hard to match your shoe size or a nice dress you see on an online platform. Ordering the wrong size could happen when you do online shopping. 

What if this thing happens? Worry not, keep calm because we can help you cancel your order on Amazon. If you are a new user on Amazon, follow these easy steps on how to cancel Amazon order that Tripboba compiled for you.

How to Cancel Amazon Order

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Accidentally buying the wrong item in Amazon could be irritating. Don't worry, you can cancel any order on Amazon before the item is being shipped. Buckle up your seat belt, here are some steps you need to do on how to cancel Amazon order:

1. First, go to 'Your Orders' section and click the item you want to cancel.

2. Next, check the box next to the item that you wish to cancel.

3. Lastly, you can select the 'Cancel Checked Items' when you are done.

Now, your Amazon order is canceled and all you need is wait for the refund process.

If you are using the Amazon shopping application on your smartphone, you can cancel the wrong item that you have been purchased through the app. If you are going to cancel the order through Amazon shopping app, here is the 'how to cancel Amazon order from app':

1. Tap 'Your Orders' on the menu.

2. Then click the 'Cancel Item' button.

3. To finish up the cancelation, click 'Cancel Checked Items'.

Now, your item cancellation on Amazon is successfully done. The above steps are the answer to how to cancel Amazon order. But, if you need the tutorial for a digital order, worry not, Tripboba got it all for you!

But, you need to know that any digital item cannot be canceled through the Amazon shopping app. If you are mistakenly buying digital items on Amazon and want to return the item, you need to do the cancellation through the Amazon website from your browser. 

How to Cancel a Digital Order on Amazon

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First thing first, you need to calm down. Sometimes people made mistakes. If you are accidentally purchasing digital content on amazon, worry not, you can cancel it right after within 48 hours before you attempted to watch or download the digital content.

To cancel your order on Amazon, follow these steps:

1. Go to 'Your Orders', to cancel

2. Find the video content that you accidentally bought and you want to cancel.

3. Click the 'Cancel Your Order' button.

4. You need to choose a reason why you need to cancel the order. Go to the drop-down menu and then click 'Cancel This Purchase'. 

After you canceled the purchase, your refund will be issued as you select the payment method in the beginning. And also, the video content will be automatically removed from the Video Library.

If you are accidentally bought the wrong type of book in Kindle Fire, you may return the item up to 7 days after you did the payment. Here are the steps on how to cancel Amazon order, particularly how to cancel Amazon Kindle order. 

1. Find the 'Manage Your Content and Devices' and select the book that you want to return.

2. Select the 'Actions [...]' button beside the title and click 'Return for refund'.

Please note that you cannot cancel the order on Amazon Appstore and Digital Music purchases.

That's all about how to cancel Amazon order. Canceling an order on Amazon is not that complicated if you follow the steps carefully. But you need to wait some time to get your money back. 

So, we recommend you to always double-check your order before you do the payment process to avoid the wrong purchase in the future. Happy Online Shopping, everyone!


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