How to Change a Diaper Properly: Everything New Parents Should Know!

How to Change a Diaper Properly: Everything New Parents Should Know!
How to Change A Diaper - Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels
SHARE - Hey, new parents! Still wondering how to change a diaper for your babies? It may be hard at first but after learning how to change a diaper properly and mastering it, you can change it with your eyes closed. But, still better with the eyes opened.

Everyone will claim this is right that changing diapers is no one’s favorite part of the parent job. But, note that it couldn't change the fact that they're still part of the baby care package. And it's important for the baby, too. Changing a diaper learning is important as you will need to change them whenever it's wet or messy helps prevent irritation and diaper rash.

So, stop wondering because you have reached the right page. Here's everything new parents need to know about how to change a diaper for baby and toddler, including tips on how to make the process simpler!

How to Change a Diaper Step By Step

How to Change A Diaper - Photo by heymattallen from Pixabay

Are you ready? First, be prepared. Before you change your boy’s diaper have all your necessary diaper changing items right next to you.

What you need:

  • clean diapers
  • cotton balls
  • warm water
  • baby washcloths
  • diaper cream or ointment
  • clean clothes


Step 1. Before starting, please make all preparations. Prepare everything you can reach, so you really need to find it,

Step 2. Put the baby on the washable table on the back, washable pad or thick towel. Unfold the clean diaper and set it aside. Remember, although it may take several months to turn over, you should always hold your baby's hand whenever he is on the changing table. Don't leave him alone, even for a second!

Step 3. Put another clean diaper under the baby to prevent urinating or defecation.

Step 4. Wipe from front to back, carefully cleaning all creases. Use the unspoiled part of the dirty diaper to clean up as much dirt as possible.

Step 5. Let the area dry completely before applying diaper cream and/or clean diapers to prevent rashes. Speed up this process by drying it with a baby bath towel or gently blow the area. Use diaper cream or ointment on areas that look pink and rash.

Step 6. Raise your baby’s legs and place a clean unfolded diaper under your baby. If you have a boy, make sure his penis is facing down. Pull the front part of the diaper between your legs and fasten it tightly.

Step 7. To prevent peculiar smells and mess, roll up dirty diapers before disposing of. When you are done, don't forget to wash your hands with soap and warm water!

How to Change a Cloth Diaper

How to Change A Diaper - Photo by Public Domain Pictures from Pexels

Are you wondering how to change a diaper cloth? Changing a cloth diaper isn’t much different than changing any disposable diaper. Wonder no more, here is how to change a diaper cloth:

What you need  

  • a clean and safe changing area
  • a clean diaper
  • moistened wipes
  • a dry pail or wet bag for storing the soiled diaper
  • a Snappi or diaper pins if you wish to fasten pre fold cloth diapers


Step 1. Lie down the baby and remove the soiled diaper. Put the soiled diaper aside. If you are using a changing table, for safety reasons, always support your baby with one hand.

Step 2. Wipe the baby thoroughly with a wet tissue. If you need any diaper balm, apply it after your skin is dry. When using cloth diapers, please make sure that your diaper ointment does not contain any petroleum, petrolatum or fish oil, as these ingredients will hinder the absorption of cloth diapers.

Step 3. Lift the baby's legs and bottom from the table slightly, and then slide the clean diaper underneath. Align the top of the diaper with the baby's buttocks-about two fingers below the belly button.

Step 4. Use the snap button or hook and loop function of the diaper to be used to fix the diaper in the closed state. If you use a diaper that requires a lid, make sure that the cloth diaper or absorbent underneath is not exposed from the back of the leg or lid.

Step 5. Before putting the diaper into the bucket, flush the toilet first, and then put the dirty diaper into the bucket. Newborns who have not eaten solid food do not need to rinse their diapers before washing clothes.

How to Change Your Toddler’s Diaper

How to Change A Diaper - Photo by Pamela Kiefer from Pixabay

As your little child gets older, you may find it more and more difficult for her to keep her diaper changing. After all, your child has many things to do and discover, and changing diapers interferes with all the fun and activities. But, it’s okay there are many tricks you can try about how to change a diaper for toddlers.

First, you can try to replace your twisted toddler's diaper with a diaper with elastic sides. With these diapers and trousers, you can pull them up as easily as trousers. Then, to remove them, you can easily remove them by tearing off the sides.

You may also want to teach the potty learning to your child what you are doing this way, she can begin to get familiar with the early steps of potty training. She can begin to make an understanding that that’s where poop should go by telling them where to flush the poop.

Tips on How to Change a Baby's Diaper

How to Change A Diaper - Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

There isn’t so much different in changing diapers for baby boy and girl, but you need to point out some important aspects. Check them out here!

How to Change a Girl Diaper

Wondering how to change a baby diaper for a girl? No worries, changing a girl diaper is pretty easy! You just need to pay attention to certain things. Here they are:

  • For changing baby girls' diapers, you need to wipe from front to back to prevent stool from entering the bottom of the vagina. You will want to keep bacteria away from the vulva (external genitalia) and vagina.
  • Your beloved baby girl should also be wiped very gently and quickly from the inside to the outside of the genital area. This is especially important if she has stool on her genitals. Nevertheless, there is no need to hang out there. Just quickly and carefully sort out the bits and pieces you see and remove pee and any traces of poop, that's all you need.
  • Make sure to wipe off the folds of the thighs and the top of the thighs, where moisture may accumulate. If you leave it to your own device, the baby will be very painful in these hidden folds. Again, wipe dry gently-pat without rubbing.

How to Change a Baby Boy's Diaper

For boys, it’s pretty easy to change their diapers. Here is what you should know on how to change a diaper for your baby boy:

  • Different from girls, when cleaning your son, do not expose his penis, cover it with a diaper, otherwise there is a danger of being sprayed. You can lift your legs with one hand, and then use a damp towel to remove stool.
  • Wipe the underside of the penis and the upper part of the testicles to the underside of the penis. If there is no circumcision, please do not pull the foreskin. Wipe the area dry with a soft cloth.
  • Apply ointment and burn around the genitals to prevent diaper rash. If your baby is circumcised, the head of his penis may be covered with a thin layer of gauze and petroleum jelly, which can take about a week to heal.


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