How to Change Spotify Password: A Complete Guide

How to Change Spotify Password: A Complete Guide
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SHARE - Spotify is a digital music streaming service that gives you access to a large number of songs, videos, and podcasts from artists everywhere throughout the world. This application is similar to Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Spotify grows rapidly because the users can enjoy various features by simply registering an email address or by connecting with Facebook. In case you're not excited about month to month membership expenses for Spotify Premium, or simply need to plunge your toe in and test it out, it's easy to begin. There's no commitment.

You can discover the main contrasts between Spotify Free and Premium in the different components. But, as a clickpay summary, the free form is advertising supported, much like radio broadcasts. The free form of Spotify can be got on a laptop, PC and cell phone. Yet the full service needs a Spotify Premium membership.

Spotify members currently cannot change their usernames — but, you can change your password whenever you want to. Unluckily, you can't create this change in the mobile and desktop applications. To freely change your Spotify password, you'll have to use an internet browser.

You can likewise always reset your password by clicking "Forgot My Password" when signing in, or by making a heading for this official password reset page. You may wonder how to change Spotify password, therefore we have compiled the information about. Here's the way of how to change Spotify password. Here we go!

1. How to Change Password on Spotify through Website

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If you want to change your password on Spotify, the first step of how to change Spotify password is signing in to your account through the official website of Spotify. It can be used for you who use the streaming application including for MacOS or Windows, as well as those who use Spotify on Android or iOS.

Keep in mind that this step is only applicable if you remember your current Spotify password. If you forget your password, you can follow the instructions in the next section.

2. How to Change Spotify Password

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1. Go to Spotify's site and click 'Log in' in the upper right corner of the homepage.
2. Enter your username/email address and current password. On the other hand, you can sign in with Facebook, if that is the usual way you use to log in to your account.
3. Click Profile on the upper right, and select Account from the drop-down menu. Click 'Change Password' in the left-hand menu.
4. Enter your current password into the Current password field.
5. Enter your new password into the New password field, at that point again into the Repeat new secret key field.
7. When the password has been changed, you should see a " password updated" message.

3. How to Change Spotify Password If You Forget the Current Password - Photo by Forbes

The steps of how to change Spotify password above are really easy, right? Now, we move to the next section. The next one is for those of you who forget your current Spotify password. In other words, this step of how to change Spotify password is meant to get you access to sign in your account back.

Changing your Spotify password is increasingly complicated when you've forgotten it. When you don't have any idea about your current Spotify password, you can reset it in a couple of steps.

1. Go to Spotify's site and click 'Log in' in the upper right corner of the landing page
2. Click 'Forgot your password?'
3. Enter the email address or username related with your account
4. Click 'SEND'
5. Sign into the email account you've related with Spotify and search for the reset password email
6. Open this email and click Reset Password
7. Enter another password into the New password field, on the other hand into the Repeat new password field
8. Click the I'm not a robot Captcha box
9. Click 'SEND'

4. The Requirement of Spotify Password

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The minimum width of your password ought to be four characters. Spotify presumed that there is no more extreme length since they tried up to 500 characters and still signed in. It's recommended to pick a period which would make it simple for you to recollect.

Your password have to contain a combination of upper-and lower-case letters, numbers, as well as images. Your password can't contain rehashing characters, for example, bbb12, 444ba. It's additionally important to take note of that your new password could be like the former one.


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