How To Change Spotify Username: An Easy Guide For New User

How To Change Spotify Username: An Easy Guide For New User
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SHARE - A few years back, online music, podcasts, and video streaming platforms becoming trending worldwide, including Spotify. It is easy and convenient to use for everyone. Now you can listen to your favorite music from various artists worldwide anytime and anywhere you like. 

Spotify can be accessed through mobile phones (both android and iOS), tablets, TVs, speakers, cars and also your personal computers. Founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006, Spotify becomes a hot trend all over the world. 

There are two types of subscriptions in Spotify, free with limited activity and also Spotify Premium which offers several upgraded services. For the Spotify account itself, a new user can make it through the official website or the Spotify application. But if you are curious about how to change Spotify username, you are in the right place!

Before creating a username for the Spotify account, you have to take note that Spotify does not let the users change their username. Spotify claimed that the username is the identification on their platform. It is designed to recognize you on Spotify as a user. 

There is a differentiation between username and a display name on the Spotify terms. If the username acts as the identification for the users, the display name is the name that is displayed to let others know who you are. 

Collaborating with the giant social media platform like Facebook, Spotify features a friend-list that lets users take their 'friends' from Facebook to the Spotify page. Users can see other's playlist and also what song is trending among others.

To log in to this online streaming platform, you do not need to remember the username. You only need a registered e-mail and password. You can log in to Spotify through Facebook. But, if you are not pleased with your username displayed on your Spotify account, you can change the display name. Keep reading until the end and follow the steps on How To Change Spotify Username.

How to Change Spotify Username from Facebook

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The easiest to make a Spotify account is through Facebook. It is easy and simple. Just input the Facebook username/email and password. Spotify will create your account using data from Facebook such as Facebook display name, Facebook profile picture, and also Facebook friends. 

If you do not want to share your Facebook information on your Spotify page anymore, later you can dismiss it. Please note that this will affect your account on Spotify. When you create the Spotify account through your Facebook account, sometimes, the username displayed on the Spotify become a long line of numbers. 

It is the effect of stop sharing the information to Spotify. Besides, the change in the username will become the alphanumeric numbers, the profile picture will not be visible anymore. And also, users cannot find Facebook friends on Spotify. If your username turns into numbers, first thing first: do not panic, you can change the display name of your Spotify account with this tutorial of how to change Spotify username.

All you need to do to have your Spotify username back is going to the 'Privacy Setting' on your Spotify account and see if you have opted out the Facebook data on Spotify. If you want the username available for your Spotify account you have to activate the Facebook Data sharing. 

How to Change Spotify Username from Phone and Tablet

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If you do not like your Facebook username visible on your Spotify account, you can change it by selecting and activating the display name option. Here is the easy guide for you on how to change Spotify username.

1. First, click the Home button, then Settings.

2. Click on View Profile.

3. Then click EDIT PROFILE.

4. Click the display name to change it to the new one.

5. Finally, click Save. And your that is your new Spotify username.

Please note that the username that you put on the Spotify account should be less than 30 characters, because there is character limitation. For the Spotify display name, you can change it as many times as you want. Even though you already have a customized username before, you still can create a display name on Spotify. 

You can customize the photo profile that will show who you are on your Spotify account. To change the photo profile, you can do it through mobile, tablet, or desktop. Follow these steps to change your Spotify picture.

From mobile and tablet:

1. First, click 'Home', then head to the 'Settings'.

2. Next, click View Profile.

3. Then click CHANGE PROFILE.

4. You can choose the picture you want to use.


From Desktop:

1. You need to click on your 'Profile' in the top-right corner.

2. Click the profile picture and then click 'Change'.

3. Lastly, you can select the picture you want.

That's all some steps of how to change Spotify username. It is quite easy, isn't it? Enjoy your new Spotify username and you are ready to jam to your favorite piece of pieces of music again.


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