How to Cite a Movie MLA: Easy Steps To Do for Your Perfect Paper!

Jun 15, 2020 03:45 PM

How to Cite Movie in MLA - Photo by Jan Vašek from Pixabay
SHARE - Citation is an important aspect to write a good paper. You should know the basic rule when you are about to cite some sources in your academic paper. Cite a source in an academic paper becomes important as you should not take other people's work for granted.

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The citation format is needed to make your academic paper appears free from any form of plagiarism. So, when people read your paper in the future and want to check the sources as their supporting file for their paper, they can refer to the work being cited in your paper. Learn how to cite movies or films in MLA style correctly to avoid plagiarism.

If you happen to use Movie as the source of your paper and you are still confused about how to cite a Movie MLA, you can take a close look into this article on how to cite a movie MLA that will be presented by Tripboba down below. To discover the easy guide on how to cite a movie MLA, please stay tuned until the very end.

MLA (Modern Language Association) is one rule that you can use on citing other's work on your academic paper. This can be books, songs, movies, other papers, and many more.

MLA citation and format style contains resources on in-text citations, slide presentations, the MLA classroom poster, Works Cited pages, and also MLA sample papers. MLA is commonly used in the field of language arts, cultural studies, and other humanities disciplines in the academic world.

If you are looking for easy steps to cite movies in MLA format, you can just simply follow the steps on how to cite movies in MLA presented by Tripboba down below. Make sure to follow every step on how to cite a movie in MLA so your paper will be perfect and free from plagiarism!

1. How to Cite a Movie in MLA

Movie Projector - Photo by Haroldas Bagdisanka from Pixabay 

Here are the steps on how to cite a movie MLA that you can follow. To do so, the steps are as follows.

Step 1.
Write the title of the movie, to begin with. You need to write the title in italics. This is the important rule of MLA style that you need to follow.

Step 2.
Then, it will be followed by the director of the movie or film that you will cite in your paper.

Step 3.
You can list the performers that are included in the movie or film if it is relevant to your paper.

Step 4.
Next, you need to mention the film studio or distributor of the movie that you will use in your work.

Step 5.
The last one, you need to write the year when the movie is released.

2. How to Cite a Movie in MLA Format

Film Roll - Photo by MasterTux from Pixabay

To simplify the explanations, the format to cite a movie in MLA should be like this:

Title of the movie (write in italics). Names of the movie directors, list of performers' names (if relevant), Name of the studio or distributor, year of publication.

For example:

Frozen. Directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, Walt Disney Pictures, 2013. 

If you have more than one citations that will be put into your academic paper, you should list the film by the titles following the alphabetic order.

3. How to Cite a Movie MLA in Text

Movie Projector - Photo by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

If you want to include a part of the movie into the in-text quotation on your paper, you should put it in the correct form of MLA style. This can be done quite simply and easily.

All you need to do is write the title of the movie in italics, followed by the time where the part of the movie that you want to include in your paper is shown. The format will be as follows.

(Title of the Movie wrote in italics followed by a time where the part is being shown in the movie)

For example:

.........(Frozen 00:12:19 - 00:12:59)

That is all the steps and all things you have to know about how to cite a movie MLA. It is quite easy and simple, right? If you are working on your academic paper, do not forget to follow the steps on how to cite a movie MLA to make your paper free from plagiarism. Good luck with writing your academic paper!


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