How to Cite a YouTube Video APA Format: A Helpful Guide to Avoid Plagiarism

May 26, 2020 07:10 AM

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SHARE - You will need to write down the source of the data every time you are doing research. There are some rules in citing the information source that you are using. Usually, most people will go for books or journals citation. But some others also use YouTube videos to enrich their research.

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In YouTube videos, you can find important statements or other materials that you'd like to quote. You may already know how to cite books or journals, but learning how to cite a YouTube video is kind of a new thing. To cite a YouTube video, you can use either APA or MLA format.

If you wonder to do so, worry no more because you're on the right page! Tripboba will tell you the proper way of citation from any YouTube videos with APA format. It's applicable to cite a YouTube video in APA format both for the in-text of your research and for the reference page.

Now, let’s jump to the guide on how to cite a YouTube video we made for you!

1. How to cite a YouTube video in APA format

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To make a YouTube video citation with APA format, you'll need some detail. Find the following points to put in your citation:

- Name of the individual(s) or party who owns the video. If possible, use their real name.

- Display name of the YouTube channel

- Upload date of the video (including year, month, year)

- Title of the video

- URL of the video

If you can't find all of the above details on the same website as the YouTube link, you will need to do some more digging to find it. For example, to find the real name of the uploader of the video, you can click on the name of the screen to display the account of the uploader. You will probably find their real name written in the profile.

When some of the information is not available even after more work is completed, you can leave out the real name. But remember to include all the remaining information by following the next steps.  

2. The structure on how to cite a YouTube video in APA format

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After you find all the important information about the video, the next step is knowing the proper structure or arrangement of APA citation.

- The structure for the Reference Page

Uploader Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial. [Screen name]. (Year, Month Day). Title of the video (type in italic format) [Video]. Name of the website. URL

-  The structure for In-text Citation:

(Uploader's Last Name OR Screen name, Year)

3. How to cite a YouTube video WITH the real name of the video uploader

Image by mohamed_hassan via Pixabay

- Reference Page Citation:

Grande, Ariana. [Ariana Grande]. (2018, Nov 30). Ariana Grande - thank u, next (type in italic format) [Video]. YouTube.

- In-text Citation:

(Grande, 2018)

4. How to cite a YouTube video WITHOUT the real name of the video uploader

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If it's only the screen name that is visible, add the screen name in the quotation first and omit the "[screen name]" section of the quote.

- Reference page citation:

Chegg. (2018, November 15). How to cite quotes to avoid plagiarism [Video]. YouTube.

- In-text citation:

(Chegg, 2018)

5. How to cite a quotation from a YouTube video

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You may want your paper to have a direct quote from a YouTube video. Although the format is just the same as how to cite a YouTube video, the in-text citation will require a timestamp to help readers navigate the quotation quickly (Publication Manual, p. 274). 

Usually, it's acceptable to include a timestamp for the beginning of the quote. But, if you want to be more helpful, you can use a timestamp range.

- Reference Page Citation:

Uploader’s Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial. [Screen name]. (Year, Month Day). Title of the video [Video]. Name of the website. URL

- In-text Citation Format:

(Author/Creator Last Name OR screen name, Year, Timestamp 0:00)

6. How to Cite a YouTube Channel

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Now that you know how to cite a YouTube video with APA format, you will need more detailed information about quoting a YouTube channel, the quotes in the video, or even the comments on the YouTube video.

You may want to quote a whole YouTube channel instead of citing one single YouTube video. Although the style is close to referencing a YouTube video, the style recommendations below give a few main differences.

- Every time you cite a YouTube channel, use "n.d." for "no date" because a YouTube channel has no date.

- The term "Home" is used because the default page name of every YouTube channel is "Home"

- If you want to cite a particular tab of the YouTube channel such as Games, Playlists, Networks, Conversation, About, then you need to write the chosen tab instead of the word "Home"

- Use the words "YouTube Channel" instead of the name of the particular video because you plan to quote the whole channel (not just one video).

Reference Page Citation:

YouTube Channel Uploader’s Last Name, First Initial OR Screen name. (n.d.) Home [YouTube Channel]. URL of YouTube channel

In-Text Citation:

(YouTube Channel Uploader’s Last Name OR Screen name, n.d.)


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