How to Clean Beauty Blender: Super Easy Tutorial to Make Your Precious Beauty Blender Clean!

How to Clean Beauty Blender: Super Easy Tutorial to Make Your Precious Beauty Blender Clean!
How to Clean Beauty Blender - Photo by Becky Stern from Flickr
SHARE - Does your activity require heavy makeup? Then, you must be familiar with beauty blender. These make-up tools are popular in the past few years. A beauty blender will help you to apply and blend the foundation before you doll-up yourself.

A beauty blender is used to get the poreless finish. Using a beauty blender will make your make-up activity easier than using a regular sponge. Typically, a beauty blender is a dense sponge to apply makeup like a tinted moisturizer, foundation, BB cream, concealer, and many more.

Just damp it with any moisturizer that you have and tap tap on your face to make the makeup blending well. However, cleaning the make-up tools might be a little troublesome for some people. Worry not, Tripboba will share with you the tips on how to clean beauty blender easily using home products! Keep reading to the very end to discover the easy steps on how to do it!

How Often to Clean Beauty Blender

Makeup Tools - Photo by kinkates from Pixabay

Your old beauty blender is dirty due to the heavy usage? Do not be a worry. Tripboba always got your back! In this article, Tripboba will show your the ultimate and easy steps on how to clean beauty blender to make it like new again.

Pay attention to details and follow the steps to make yours clean ever again! Are you ready to discover the easy methods on how to clean beauty blender together with Tripboba? Come on follow us!

Hygiene is the most important aspect when you are doing makeup. Cleaning your beauty tools regularly is needed, so there will be no bacteria lives in them. If you are going to clean your favorite beauty blender, the first thing that might come to your mind must be 'how often to clean beauty blender?'.

The answer depends on how often you use them daily. It ideally needs to be washed after you use it. So, make sure to give them a quick rinse after you are done using it. A quick rinse under warm water will make them clean enough and they are ready to be used again.

Please note that you need to change the beauty blender after three months. If you are already using one for three months, you need to throw them away and get the new one. It will prevent the bacteria to transfer to your precious skin.

How to Clean a Beauty Blender

How to Clean a Beauty Blender
How to Clean Beauty Blender - Photo by pony xie from Pixabay

Using a beauty blender to apply to makeup like BB cream, foundation, concealer, and more when you do the makeup will make your life easier. But, you need to keep it as clean as possible.

Beauty blenders require extra care than your regular brushes. You need to prepare them before using them by damp the beauty blender under runny warm water, squeeze as much water from it, moisturize it, and then it is ready to be used.

After applying the makeup, you cannot leave them as it is. You need to clean them as soon as you use them. If you are still wondering how to clean beauty blender easily, here are the steps that you can follow at home.

Prepare the tools and do not forget to practice them at home. Keep your precious makeup tools clean and ready to be used again!

Steps on How to Clean a Beauty Blender:

Step 1. Take the beauty blender that you are done using.

Step 2. Wash the beauty blender with warm water.

Step 3. Apply antibacterial fragrance-free dishwashing soap to the beauty blender and squeeze it until the makeup is all gone.

Step 4. Rinse the beauty blender until it is all clear. and then remove the water as much as you can by squeezing it. 

Step 5. Dry out the beauty blender and you are done cleaning the beauty blender. Now, your beauty blender is clean and ready to be used again!

Tips: If your beauty blender got a stain, you can soak it overnight in a mixture of liquid soap and water. Use warm water to help get rid of the stain faster.

How to Clean a Beauty Blender with Coconut Oil

How to Clean a Beauty Blender with Coconut Oil
How to Clean Beauty Blender with Coconut Oil - Photo by silviarita

Coconut oil is one of the solutions that can help you to clean the beauty blender. The steps on how to clean a beauty blender with coconut oil are pretty simple. Follow the steps down below and make your beauty blender bacteria-free!

Step 1. Take the dirty beauty blender that you have at home.

Step 2. Apply enough amount of coconut oil as well as dishwashing soap and start rubbing it to clean using hands.

Step 3. If you think it is already cleaned, rinse the beauty blender under warm running water and squeeze it over and over. You can repeat this step until it is all clear.

Step 4. Yay! Your favorite beauty blender is clean now.

Those are all the easy steps on how to clean beauty blender that you need to know. Do not forget to follow these easy hacks on how to clean beauty blender and clean your precious tools using it. Stay tuned only at Tripboba to uncover more wonderful life hacks just for you!


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