How to Clean Headlights: Follow These Easy Guides to Clean Your Car Headlights!

How to Clean Headlights: Follow These Easy Guides to Clean Your Car Headlights!
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SHARE - At night, especially in rainy conditions, car lights are one of the most needed parts when driving. The light becomes less than optimal when the glass layer of the lamp is opaque and dull. There are many factors why it happens, which means you should know how to clean headlights. Usually, this is because the voltage on the lights is too high and the car is always parked in direct sunlight. Also, users never maintain and clean car lights.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to clean headlights of your car properly. No need to take it to the garage, you can do it yourself, as long as you know how to clean car lights according to the proper and correct steps. Tripboba have wrapped some of the best ways and tips that you can follow!

How to Clean Car Headlights: Tools and Materials Used to Clean Car Headlights

Before knowing how to clean headlights, first, prepare some of the following tools and materials. Of course, all the tools and materials are easily available, even available at home. This is what you will need:

  • Masking tape
  • 1500 paper sandpaper
  • Car cleaning soap
  • Compound/special compound for glass
  • Car wax
  • Microfiber or chamois cloth
  • Clean water

Don't forget to choose free time outside of routine daily activities, such as on weekends so that you are more focused and less rushed. So that cleaning is more optimal and satisfying.

How to Clean Your Headlights: Easy Steps You Can Follow!

How to Clean Your Headlights: Easy Steps You Can Follow!
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The following are the steps that can be followed in how to clean headlights. Please follow carefully!

Washing Car Lights

  • Step1. remove dry mold and dirt stuck to the car lights using a cloth. This is an important step that should not be forgotten every time you clean car parts.
  • Step2. Then, wash the car headlights with cleaning soap or wax. Don't forget to dry it with a chamois or other soft cloth until there is absolutely no soapy water remaining.
  • Step 3. Prepare 1500 sandpaper and gently rub the glass parts of the lamp after periodically dipping it in water. Rinse with water while rubbing again using sandpaper until the scratches disappear.
  • Step 4. If it feels really clean, dry it immediately. You don't want to leave any traces of moisture or liquid behind, as this can create new stains that are difficult to remove.

If the Car Lights Have Turned Yellow

  • Step 1. Prepare the compound, apply the compound material to the glass car lights evenly on the part that looks yellowish and opaque. It doesn't matter if you want to apply it to all areas, who know there are yellow stains that are not visible to the naked eye.
  • Step 2. After that, clean the compound spread with a cloth/microfiber cloth, chamois, or other cloth. Then rinse thoroughly and don't forget to dry.
  • Step 3. To make it shinier, coat the glass car lights with wax evenly to all parts. Then clean with a cloth until it is completely clean.

How to Rub on Car Headlights

Maybe many of you don't know that when rubbing this part you have to use a circular motion clockwise or counterclockwise. Also, don't rub it too hard because it can cause new scratches. Enough slowly but surely, it takes precision in cleaning it.

Check the Condition of the Car's Lamp

After finishing cleaning the car lights according to steps 1 to 4, immediately check the condition of the car lights. You do this by turning it on and shining it towards a flat textured wall. Make sure all the dirt/stains on the lamp mica are gone and the light can function perfectly as before. However, if you still feel unsatisfied because the lights have not provided their light properly, you can repeat the steps on how to clean headlights above.

It should be noted, as much as possible you cover the area around the lights with a cloth or masking tape so that the paint on the car body is not scratched by sandpaper. You also have to be careful and be more careful when cleaning the windshield. Do not let unwanted new stains emerge from accidental neglect.

How to Clean Yellow Headlights: How to Take Care of Car Lights So They Don't Turn Yellow

How to Clean Yellow Headlights: How to Take Care of Car Lights So They Don't Turn Yellow
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In addition to how to clean car lights, you also need to understand how to clean headlights so they don't become blurry and yellow quickly. Among them are:

  • Step 1. Do not park the car in the hot sun, but park it in the shade so that the car lights do not quickly turn slightly yellow.
  • Step 2. Use lights that match the specifications of the car you have. Don't use a lamp whose wattage is too large!
  • Step 3. Using special fluids to protect car lights, such as wax and anti-UV fluids.
  • Step 4. Wash it immediately after the rain, don't leave it for too long so that the water stains don't make an impression.

Well, those are some of the best tips and tutorials of how to clean headlights you can do easily. You should do car light maintenance regularly and consistently. This aims to keep the car's performance at its maximum!


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