How to Contact Seller on Amazon: A Simple Tutorial to Your Problem!

Dec 02, 2020 12:44 AM

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.

During this pandemic, almost everyone is opting for online shopping instead of offline, to avoid the risk of getting infected. Thanks to the advancement of technology, ordering stuff has never been easier. There are several platforms you can buy stuff from, and one of the biggest ones is Amazon.

So, you want to order a product from a certain seller on Amazon. You’re not sure if it’s the exact product you’re looking for – or you already purchased the product, but you’ve realized that you ordered the wrong variation. You would need to tell or ask the seller if they can fix it up, but how to contact them?

Worry no more, there are ways on how to contact seller on Amazon! Tripboba has compiled the tutorial in this article so you’ll be able to contact them as soon as possible. Just scroll down to find out the tutorial on how to contact the seller on Amazon!


How to Contact Seller on Amazon before Purchase 

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels.

Sometimes you want to make sure that the product you’re looking at is the exact product you’re looking for. The seller may have put a picture of the product, but you still have a question that the seller hasn’t answered in the description box. The only way to solve this is by contacting the seller.

Here’s the tutorial on how to contact seller on amazon before purchase:

Step 1. Click on the item you are interested in. You will be directed to the item’s view page.

Step 2. Look for the description box in that page. Right below the item’s description, you will see who filled the description box itself. Then, click on the seller’s name.

Step 3. Once you’ve clicked on the seller’s name, you will see their feedback at the top of your page.

Step 4. Scroll down. You will find “contact this seller” on the second to last button.

Step 5. Note that you can only contact the supplier by email and the form will be automatically provided by Amazon. You will have to choose the “subject”, such as product details, shipping, returns and refunds policy, product customization, and other question.

Step 6. Write your question in the question box less than 4000 characters, then click the “send e-mail” button.

Amazon will forward the question to the seller and e-mail you a copy of the form. The time range for the seller to respond is 2 days. It’s also important to know that occasionally, the same product will be sold by different sellers. In that case, click “See All Buying Options” in the product listing page to see the list of available sellers.


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