How to Cook Lentils: 3 Easy Techniques You Should Try!

How to Cook Lentils: 3 Easy Techniques You Should Try!
How to Cook Lentils - Photo by yilmazfatih from Pixabay
SHARE - Lentils are edible seeds rooted from the legume family. This kind of seeds is well known as a common food staple in Asian and North African cuisines.

Lentils have lens shapes and sold with or without their outer husks intact. So, you might find many different types of lentils. Those are categorized by their color. The most common lentils that you will find are brown, green, red, and yellow.

Each type of lentils is just slightly different in nutrient contents. They are all high in fiber, vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, and potassium.

Moreover, lentils also made up from 25% protein that make them good meat alternative. Lentils also consist of a huge range of beneficial plant compounds namely phytochemicals that can protect our body from chronic disease.

Because of the high nutrients contained in lentils, you might want to try cooking them. Luckily, lentils can be cooked in many ways. Keep reading this article to learn how to prepare lentils before cooking and different techniques to cook them perfectly!

How to Prepare Lentils Before Cooking

How to Cook Lentils - Photo by Matthias Lipinski from Pixabay

Before we get down to the tutorial on how to cook lentils, it's important to understand the preparation stage.

Lentils are affordable and easy to cook. Whatever variety lentils dishes you want to cook, you need to prepare well the lentils to make it in a good condition and will be delicious once you cook it.

Here are the steps you can follow.

Step 1. Prepare the lentils you have bought from any store and do not forget to look for a date on the package.

Step 2.  Rinse lentils with fresh and remove small rocks and debris by sifting them

Step 3. Do not add salt or acidic ingredients like vinegar or lemon while you cook lentils. It will slow the cooking process and toughen the skins.

How to Cook Lentils

How to Cook Lentils - Photo by yilmazfatih from Pixabay

It is possible to cook lentils in several different ways. Each technique requires different cook times. The fastest is you can cook only within 10 minutes.

Moreover, you also do not need to soak them first before you cook. Consider these 3 techniques below when you decide to cook lentils.

1. How to Cook Lentils on Stove

The simplest way on how to cook lentils in on the stovetop. This technique is recommended if you want to decide how firm or soft your lentils.

Step 1. Before boiling the lentils, place them in the pot with unsalted liquid.

Step 2. Cook lentils without covering them and use low heat for about 20-45 minutes based on the variety lentils you have. Do not overcook because it can make split the skins and create the mashy result

Step 3. While cooking, add more liquid as you need until lentils are done. The good ratio is one cup of lentils to 2,5 cups of liquid.

Step 4. Once you get the intended texture of your lentils, but there is the liquid left, you can strain it through a mesh sieve.

2. How to Cook Lentils in Slow Cooker

Use a slow cooker if you want to make soups and stews. This is a wonderful technique to tenderize and allow their flavor to meld with other ingredients.

The best texture that you get will depend on how much liquid you add, what, and how long the temperature that you set.

Follow the following steps on how to cook lentils in slow cooker.

Step 1. Mix all the ingredients you want to cook in a slow cooker

Step 2. Set the temperature and also set the time based on the type of lentils you cook. This helps you to get the best texture of your lentils

Step 3. Decide how much liquid you want to use, the normal point is one cup lentils to 2.5 cups liquid

3. How to Cook Lentils in a Pressure Cooker

Cooking lentils in a pressure cooker allow you to make super speedy meal preparation. Things you should note is that when you cook green, red, yellow, or orange lentils, they will turn into mush when cooked in high pressure. Follow the steps below for a good result.

Step 1. Put lentils with seasoned liquid to pressure cooker. Always use the ideal ratio of liquid.

Step 2. Cook the lentils 6 up to 15 minutes depending on the type you use

Step 3. Let the pressure cooker to release the heat naturally for ten minutes

Step 4. Once you have done, drain and rinse in cold water to prevent further cooking.

Lentils can last for up to 5 days in your fridge. So if you want to stock them, you can cook lentils in big batches.


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