How to Crack Your Neck: 10+ Helpful Tips to Feel Relieved

How to Crack Your Neck: 10+ Helpful Tips to Feel Relieved
Cracking neck - Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay
SHARE - As we age, we may feel our body gets stiff so easily. That makes us feel uncomfortable in doing our daily activity. Generally, to unstiffen our body, we usually stretch, exercise, and also cracking our own neck.

Many people who have neck pain usually have a habit of cracking their necks. But, is neck cracking a healthy practice? Is it actually pain-relieving and strength increasing? So, how to crack your neck in a proper way?

Here, Tripboba will answer all the questions especially on how to crack your neck. Check out the helpful tips we made for you about how to crack your neck!

How to Crack Your Own Neck

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1. Exercising Patience

Tips 1: The main thing you can note is to exercise patience on how to crack your neck. Just shred the neck for a brief relief from mild discomfort or stress. Many people want to crack their necks because it can ease pain, soreness, and discomfort feelings.  

Tips 2: When you feel intense pain, stop cracking your neck immediately. If it is properly done, cracking your neck will relieve you from mild discomfort and not inflict harm. When you crack your neck and feel intense pain running up either side of your neck or along your back, stop doing what you are doing right away. 

Tips 3: When you feel pain when you crack your back, see the doctor. Although cracking your neck frequently relieves minor discomfort, repetitive wear and tear will lead to health issues and bone deterioration on your vertebrae.

How to Crack Your Own Neck Safely

Chiropractor - Photo by Back To Life Chiropractic Centre

Tips 4: Contact a professional doctor for secure neck care and counseling. Those include chiropractors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists/physiotherapists, or physicians of specialized spinal manipulation experience.  

Chiropractors are a common alternative and have a lot of practice in managing strained and sore necks and shoulders, but their technique doesn't suit everyone and many others can help too.

Tips 5: Never allow someone other than a trained doctor (i.e., chiropractor, osteopath, or physiotherapist/physiotherapist) to crack your neck. You will feel how much pressure is enough when you crack your own neck or with the help of a trained person. You can also say whether he/she uses too much pressure or start causing discomfort.

When anyone else cracks your neck, they won't know whether they apply too much energy. Never try to crack someone else's neck for this reason, too.

How to Properly Crack Your Neck Using the Cup and Reach Method 

Stretching - Photo by Pixabay

Tips 1: There's another trick on how to crack your neck. Loosen up your neck muscles before you start. Before you continue to stretch and relax the neck, it's a smart idea to get a neck rub, massage, or just a few nice neck stretches.  

Tips 2: Lean your nose down towards your sternum and keep it in place for 20 seconds, then draw up your head and aim for another 20 seconds up at the ceiling. Use so 3–4 times to relax muscles in your neck.

Tips 3: In your left-hand palm cup your cheek. Bend your fingers to make a "cup" for your palm, and place your thumb in the hollow of your neck so that your face is in it. Your fingertips will go up to your left ear, nearly reaching your cheekbone.

Tips 4: Raise your right hand over the back of your head. Bend your right arm, so you can hold your right hand comfortably on the back of your head. Grab a good grip and hold the head behind the left ear.

Tips 5: Push your chin to the left for the counterclockwise turning of your head. Rotate your head between your legs, softly but strongly. As well as pushing your chin with your palm to the left, pull your head around to the left with your hand on the back of your head.

Continue to stretch the neck muscles slightly until they are at full stretch but not exaggerated. A sequence of cracking sounds is frequently heard and felt as the neck muscles draw closely. To ensure you get all the air out of your neck joints, just apply a little extra pressure to cause the complete series of cracks.

Tips 6: Crack the right side of the neck with your hand positions switched in. Cup your chin with your right arm, and place it with your left hand on the back of your ear. Move forward with your right hand on your chin and step back with your left hand to tilt your head to the right.

How to Safely Crack Your Neck

Neck pain - Photo by Karolina Grabowska

As mentioned before, cracking your own neck should be done by professionals, but if your neck problems are not that serious, you still can practice some steps to relieve the pain by yourself.

Here is the guide on how to safely crack your neck that you can follow at home. You can follow these simple neck stretches step-by-step at home.

Step 1. Bring your chin down to your chest slowly. Hold the position for around 5 to 10 seconds. Then, back to the starting position.

Step 2. Next, you need to tilt your head to the back and lookup. Hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds and return to the starting position.

Step 3. Bring your ear close to the shoulder but make sure it does not make any contact and then tilt your head slightly until you feel your neck stretched. Hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds and return to the starting position.

Step 4. Repeat the steps to the other side of your body. 

Step 5. Do the stretches repeatedly three to five times.

How to Crack Your Neck to Relieve Headache

Headache - Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Headache, vertigo, or dizziness might be some of the factors that make your neck in pain. However, the discomfort feeling of your neck could also trigger a headache. Here are the tips to release headaches that you should know.

Tips 1. Adjust your posture

If you are experiencing a headache, changing and adjusting the position of your neck might relieve the pain a little by reducing the pressure on the neck. Always sist straight and allow your back to keep the normal curve to balance the spine. Avoid sitting with poor posture as it might causing pain on the discs and joints.

Tips 2. Do some exercise

A light exercise might help you to fight away the headache. 

Tips 3. Try to get some medications

If the headache is getting worse, it is always wise to see professional help. But, you can try to get medication such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and many more to relieve the headache.

Tips 4. Consult your doctor and get surgery

If needed, another thing that you can do to treat neck pain related to headaches is getting surgery. If you got severe pain and it is not going away for some time, then this is the signal for you to make an appointment with your doctor to find out the real causes of your headache.

An additional note about how to crack your neck: Consider getting support from a competent health care provider before attempting to crack a stiff or sore neck. When you have some problems following the measures on how to crack your neck, it is time to obtain medical assistance.


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