How to Create a Wikipedia Page: A Simple Tutorial

Jun 29, 2020 05:00 PM

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SHARE - More than 5.8 million articles are published in Wikipedia. Wikipedia allows you to edit inaccuracies, create new pages, and become part of the fast-growing community. This platform is searching for users willing to quote sources, provide non-biased content, and keep all related entries knowledgeable.

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But, do you know how to create a Wikipedia page? If you don’t know how to create a Wikipedia page, you don’t need to worry because right now you are in the right place! Take a look at the easy guide on how to create a Wikipedia page below Tripboba has made for you!

1. Do a Research on the Topic You Want to Write

Always make sure that you have a suitable and unbiased topic before creating your own article. Having a high-quality and meeting acceptable academic standards with reliable reference are required if you want to write something in your Wikipedia page.

Adding citations from appropriate external sources is really important. Editors of Wikipedia may reject articles advertising your own business or website. This kind of promotional content is probably marked as spam.

2. Search for WP:RA in the Wikipedia Search Box

The search box for Wikipedia appears at the top of every article on the website. There are various types of useful search features that you can type in the box. The "WP: RA" search feature is helpful for researching on the topic you want to write. 

“WP” stands for “wiki” and “pedia”.

“RA” stands for “requested articles” by other users.

3. Make Sure to Double-Check and Avoid Re-Writing

Before you create a Wikipedia page, make sure that Wikipedia hasn't released an article you're thinking about or writing about. Enter the subject in the search box on the web and see if there are any related subjects in their index. When the subject fails otherwise you may have to consider another issue to talk for that is not already there.

4. Register Your Wikipedia Account

The next step on how to create a Wikipedia page is to register your Wikipedia account. Start taking on Wikipedia as a registered user. Registering for a Wikipedia account helps you to build a user profile that has several advantages.

This helps you to accept feedback from other users about improvements made to your posts. Besides, you will get recognition for your writing and efforts.

5. Cite Your References Correctly

It’s important that you cite your references from reputable sources to build a Wikipedia page and get the article published. Reliable sources, for example, can come from published books, journals, and newspapers.

It may look much less reliable and might not even be appropriate to rely on public sources from personal blogs.

6. Use the Sandbox Editor on Wikipedia

What does a sandbox have to do with writing Wikipedia articles? Everything.

Sandbox is the name of Wikipedia’s text editor that you use directly on their website to create and submit your articles. You could type your article in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, but you will have to paste the content into Sandbox to submit it.

7. Enter and Review Your Wikipedia Article

When you are ready to put your content into Sandbox, do another search for your topic in Wikipedia’s search engine and click “go”. If the topic is still available to write about, and hopefully it is after all of your hard work researching, then your topic should appear below the search box as a link.

Click the text link of your subject, and you will be brought to the Sandbox editor where you can enter your article. Once your editing and final touch-ups are done to your article, click “show preview” at the bottom of Sandbox to see how your published article will appear on Wikipedia. Lastly, when you are finally ready to publish, click “save page”.

8. Wait for Approval and Publish Your Article

Publishing the article is the last step on how to create a Wikipedia page. Once your article is reviewed by the Wikipedia staff editors, they will require further sources from you if they believe it is appropriate. However, if the article is all right then it will be available for viewing to the public.

Try to press "help" on the sidebar toolbar if you need more help while writing articles. After following these steps on how to create a Wikipedia page, you must be well on your way to having your first Wikipedia article.


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