How to Crop a Video: 9 Various Easy Methods and Apps to Crop Videos

How to Crop a Video: 9 Various Easy Methods and Apps to Crop Videos
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SHARE - Not only photos, now many people capture important moments through videos. However, the long duration makes it difficult to upload videos. That is why it is important to know how to crop a video to make it shorter.

After taking a video and needing to make footage, we can directly edit or cut it on our smartphones. Many applications that are embedded in our smartphones can be used. Besides, cutting videos can also be done without an application. Of course, this will make it easier for us to upload videos to Instagram Story or WhatsApp.

Are you looking for a tutorial on how to crop a video? Let's learn together with Tripboba!

How to Crop a Video on iPhone: 3 Apps to Crop Videos on iPhone

How to Crop a Video on iPhone: 3 Apps to Crop Videos on iPhone
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On iPhone itself, since its latest iOS 14 launched, you can do editing on the video right on your phone. But some users find it easy and more features by using apps.

Here are some recommended applications that you can use on how to crop a video on your iPhone. You can also trim and cut them to enhance the results of the video being edited.

1. Cropping Video Using FilmoraGo

The FilmoraGo application is a video editing application that is quite popular for both iPhone and Android users. One of the features of FilmoraGo is that you can cut the video screen or commonly known as crop video.

In addition, other features such as a video trimmer and cutter, adding text, changing the video background color, and adding effects are also supported in this application.

So, the FilmoraGo application can meet your needs for editing videos, one of which is the video crop feature. This application is provided free of charge, but if you want to upgrade to premium, you can buy it through the application.

2. Cropping Video Using Video Crop - Trim & Cut Videos

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Apart from the above applications, if you want to crop videos on your iPhone you can use an application called Video Crop - Trim & Cut Videos. This application seems to be made to cut the video screen and get rid of certain unwanted parts on the iPhone.

With this application problems regarding cropping, trimming, and cutting videos on the iPhone can all be easily done. In addition, this application is available for free, so you can immediately download and use it.

3. Cropping Video Using Crop Video Square

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Another application is Crop Video Square. This application is one of the best applications to crop videos on the iPhone, even you can use it for free without having to switch to premium for feature upgrades.

Not only that this application is also fast and easy to use when cropping the video screen. With this application you can also zoom in and zoom out, change the position of the video, or drag and drop the video and then place it in the desired position when editing.

How to Crop a Video on Android: 3 Apps to Crop Videos on Android

How to Crop a Video on Android: 3 Apps to Crop Videos on Android
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Here are some practical ways how to crop a video on Android using simple apps. Let’s check it out!

1. Cropping Video on Android Using Filmora

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How to cut videos on Filmora is not difficult. We can directly download the FilmoraGo application on the Google Play Store. To edit videos, this application has a selection of trim tools that are easy to access and also use. With the trim tools, we can immediately adjust the part of the video that we want to cut.

2. Cropping Video on Android Using Story Cutter

In the digital age, it seems like almost everyone is using Instagram. In fact, this application is also often used as a promotional medium. To upload a video on Instagram, of course, you have to pay attention to its duration so that it is no more than 1 minute.

But if it's already an extension, we can download the story cutter application. Here's how to cut Instagram videos in the Story Cutter application:

  • Download Story Cutter on the Play Store.
  • Open the application and then select the video you want to cut and cut according to the desired Instagram Story.
  • Select the length of each video clip you want to split into the original video and we have video segment options: less than 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and 60 seconds. For the 10 second option, you can get it for free.
  • Select the option to confirm the length of the selected duration,
  • Wait until the application processes the video and saves the video in the gallery. We can browse each clip and delete unwanted clips and trim the video size so it's easy to upload.

2. Cropping Video on Android Using Viva Video

One way to cut videos on a cellphone is using the Viva Video application. Here's how to cut videos on Android with Viva Video:

  • Open the Viva Video application
  • Select the video you want to cut from the gallery
  • Later, the video will appear in the timeline in the application window
  • Then can shift the desired duration to determine the cut part
  • When you are sure of the cut result, press Cut (scissors icon) to finish cutting
  • Then press 'add' to add it and click done
  • You can directly save the cut video by clicking 'export to gallery'
  • Choose the video quality you want

How to Crop A Video Online: 2 Useful Websites to Crop Videos Online

How to Crop A Video Online: 2 Useful Websites to Crop Videos Online
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If you recording videos using camera, not smartphone, it is kind of needed effort in editing it. Here are two online websites you can use on how to crop a video on your PC. Let’s check it out!

1. Cropping Video Online Using Video Cutter Site

Apart from cutting videos, this website also allows you to do videos online for free. How to cut videos through Online Video Cutter is also not difficult to do, you only need a stable internet connection to do it.

  • First, open and visit the Online Video Cutter website through a browser on your PC or laptop. Online Video Cutter website link
  • On the website page, click choose the file to choose which video you will cut online via this website. You can also drag directly from the file manager to the Online Video Cutter website to upload the file.
  • Wait until the loading upload process is complete.
  • Then the website will display your video and a timeline below it for you to start the video cutting process.
  • In this display, please set from what minutes to how many videos you want to cut via the website.
  • If you have selected and click "Save" in the lower right.
  • Wait until the loading process is complete, then a display for downloading will appear along with the video file size that has been successfully cut.
  • Select it and click Download.
  • Wait until the download is complete and congratulations you have successfully cut the video through the Online Video Cutter website.

2. Cropping Video Online Using Clideo

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Furthermore, there is one more website that you can use to crop videos. It is Clideo, this website has a pretty easy interface where you can do it yourself with simple guides. Let's see how to crop a video online!

  • First, open and visit the Clideo website via your favorite browser on your PC / laptop device
  • Then select and click “Choose File”, then find the video file you want to cut using this website.
  • Wait until the video upload process to the Clideo website is complete.
  • Next, you will be shown a page to carry out the cutting process. In this page view, select and adjust the video cropping according to your wishes or needs.
  • Select it and click Cut at the bottom.
  • Then you will be shown a page to download the video that you have cut through this website.
  • On this page, you can choose to remove the watermark by logging in (you can use Facebook or Google). Or save it immediately with a watermark.
  • If so, select it and click "Download".
  • Wait until the download is complete and congratulations you have successfully downloaded the video using the Clideo website.

How to Crop a Video on PC Using Adobe Premier Pro

How to Crop a Video on PC Using Adobe Premier Pro
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Adobe Premiere is one of the popular software that many people choose to create videos. Starting from basic features such as cutting videos, combining videos to more complex ones such as adding effects and color grading are available.

Here's how to cut a video in Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Let's assume you already have Adobe Premiere Pro on a computer.
  • Then press Ctrl+i on the keyboard or go to File>Import… Find the video file to cut.
  • If the import process is successful, the video will appear on the right tab.
  • Drag the video to the Timeline panel on the right. Drag by left clicking on the video then hold and release in the Timeline area. 
  • To cut the video, click the Razor Tool or press the C key on the keyboard.
  • To select which part to cut, you can drag the marker on the Timeline with the Razor Tool selected.
  • Then click the part of the video you want to cut with the Razor Tool, your cursor will have a razor icon during the cutting process.
  • To delete an unimportant part, click the cursor icon.
  • Select the part of the video you want to delete in the Timeline (after being cut). Right click then click Clear or Ripple Delete.
  • After the cutting process is complete, you can export the video via File> Export> Media.
  • The format of the video you can choose is H.264 format. It gives the best result on its quality.
  • The Output Name section can not only be used to rename, but also change the video storage folder. By default it is in C:\Users\(your computer name)\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\14.0 (can be different on every computer).
  • Finally, click Export and wait for the process, the time it takes depends on the number of changes made and the size of the video.
These methods of how to crop a video can be useful for you. Each method has its requirements and level of difficulties. You can pick one of the best and also suit your smartphone or your PC. Good luck!


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