How to Cut an Avocado, How to Restore It, and Best Recipes to Make from The Creamy, Nutty Fruit Flesh

Apr 07, 2021 10:44 PM

How to Cut an Avocado - Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels
SHARE - An avocado is surely your favorite dishes’ best friend. Whether you love salad, guacamole, tacos, or a dip for tortilla chips, this buttery fruit can be perfectly added to almost any recipe. If you’re trying out some seemingly mouth-watering recipes with the fruit but have no idea how to cut an avocado, then don’t worry! 

In this article, Tripboba has got you covered with great tips on how to cut an avocado perfectly. We’ve also provided you with useful information on how to restore the already-cut fruit so that it can stay fresh longer. Plus, we have delicious guacamole and avocado sandwich recipes!

How to properly cut an avocado

How to cut up an avocado

How to Cut an Avocado - Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

When it comes to learn how to cut an avocado, there are actually some ways you can choose: you can either dice, slice, mash, or simply scoop out the creamy and nutty flesh from its peel. First and foremost, cut a ripe avocado in half lengthwise. Cut into the avocado until the knife hits the seed, then rotate the fruit with one hand while keeping the knife steady in the other hand.

Now, open the avocado by rotating the halves. After you separate the two seeds, remove the seed from one of the halves by carefully tapping the back edge of a chef’s knife into the pit. Twist and then lift straight up to remove.

Now it’s time to slice the avocado. Score the flesh into lines, then scoop out with a spoon. If you want to dice your avocado instead, score the flesh into diamond shapes and scoop them out. You can also peel the fruit by sliding your thumb under the skin and peeling the skin back. After that, place the flesh cut side down and then dice or slice the avocado.

How to cut an avocado for guacamole

How to Cut an Avocado - Photo by Dayvison de Oliveira Silva from Pexels

We all surely love guacamole, and the best guacamole keeps it simple: just ripe avocados, salt, a squeeze of lime, onions, chiles, cilantro, and some chopped tomato. This condiment is a timeless hit perfect to be served at your party or any get together.

Not only learning how to cut an avocado, we’ve got your back with this delicious guacamole recipe. First, thinly slice the chiles, finely dice the onion and tomatp, and roughly chop the cilantro. As for the avocado, you can simply cut the fruit into two halves, remove the seed, and scoop out the flesh. 

Once you’ve prepped all the ingredients, it’s time to mix it all together. Add avocado halves, cilantro, diced onion and tomato, and sliced chiles to a large bowl. Then, squeeze lime juice over mixture and season with salt. Roughly mash ingredients together using the back of a spoon until desired consistency. You’re now off to enjoy the delicious condiment as a dip for tortilla chips or topping for tacos!

How to cut an avocado for a sandwich

How to Cut an Avocado - Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

If you want to make a delicious avocado sandwich, then you’ve gotta need to know how to cut an avocado in slices. Luckily, we’ve discussed it in the previous point, so now let’s prepare the ingredients necessary to make the sandwich.

  • 2 slices bread
  • 2 slices provolone cheese, or more as needed
  • ¼ avocado - peeled, pitted, and thinly sliced 
  • ½ tomato, sliced
  • 1 ½ teaspoons balsamic vinegar

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients, start making the sandwich by first laying 1 slice bread on a plate. Place provolone cheese on bread and top with avocado and tomato slices, respectively. Drizzle balsamic vinegar over tomato and top with remaining slice of bread.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your recipe and try out the one you’ve never had before! There are many avocado sandwiches out there, so pick one and find your most favorite!

How to keep an avocado from turning brown once cut

How to Cut an Avocado - Photo by Mikael Blomkvist from Pexels

After learning how to cut an avocado, you’ll also notice that once you slice or dice an avocado, you’ve got a relatively short window to incorporate it into your recipe before it begins to turn brown. Avocados contain an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase, which causes the flesh brown when exposed to oxygen.

In order to keep the flesh gorgeous green, you can seal the half you don’t use at the moment with plastic wrap. You can also squeeze some lemon or lime on the cut surface, wrap in plastic wrap and store in an airtight container or plastic bag.

Another trick is to brush the cut side with olive or vegetable oil to create a barrier, then seal in an airtight container and refrigerate for 1 to 2 days. 

Before storing the avocado in a resealable plastic bag or small airtight container, you can run the fruit under tap water to slow down the browning process thanks to the chlorine contained in the water.


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