How to Cut Cabbage: Here’s the Simple Method

May 05, 2020 03:00 PM

Cabbage - Photo by Ulrike Leone on Pixabay
SHARE - Cabbage is a part of the brassica family, similar to brussels sprouts, broccoli, and kale. This economical verdant green comes in some varieties like red, savoy, napa, green and Chinese cabbage. When cut and cooked, it offers a unique sharp taste, a bit bitterness, and a few sweetness.

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Generally, cabbage possibly gets culinary thankfulness when St. Patrick's Day moves around or you need a summer side dish. It's the basic combination for corned beef and the base for a crunchy coleslaw. The fresh cruciferous cabbage leaves can be used for quite a lot more!

Kimchi and sauerkraut are striking top picks for fermented products. Cabbage can likewise be sautéed, used in a stir fry food, braised, added to soups, and eaten crude for plates of mixed greens for a dietary lift.

There are lots of things you can do with cabbage! But, the problem comes when you don’t know how to cut cabbage properly. This big round or tube-shaped head may appear to be intimidating to cut from the beginning.

In fact, it's very simple! Try this procedure of how to cut cabbage by Tripboba to separate the head of cabbage into equal parts and afterward wedges. From that point, make it another step further to cut the cabbage into slim shreds.

All you need is a huge cutting board, damp paper towels or kitchen towel to keep the board from moving, chef’s knife, or a mandoline for very fast shreds. This is a good vegetable to implement your knife cutting skills!

Thinking about how to cut cabbage? Here's a step by step guide that tells you the best way to make shredded cabbage and cut up cabbage for coleslaw.

1. How to Cut a Cabbage

Photo by Brett Hondow on Pixabay

Step 1: Preparation
The first step of how to cut cabbage is preparing your cabbage. Detach any tough outer leaves, particularly if they are wounded, harmed, or eaten by insects. Wash and dry the cabbage before cutting. If you want to shred it, it tends to be washed utilizing a plate of salad spinner after.

Step 2: Cut fifty-fifty
The second step of how to cut cabbage is dividing the cabbage into two parts. Distinguish the bottom stem of the cabbage. Safely hold, and cautiously chop down through the stem to make two parts.

Step 3: Cut into quarters
The third step of how to cut cabbage is cutting the cabbage into quarters. Put the flat sides of the cabbage (chop side down) on the cutting board. Cut every half into quarters by chopping down through the stem.

Step 4: Remove the core
The fourth step of how to cut cabbage is detaching the core of the cabbage. Flip the cabbage quarters over and cautiously dismiss the thick core, which is difficult to eat.

If you are tearing with a mandolin or using the big pieces for soups and stews, leave a small amount of the core flawless so it remains together. You can use these pieces for soups and braises.

Step 5: Slice the cabbage
Now, you come to the next step of how to cut cabbage: slicing the cabbage. Use a chef knife to cut the quarters into slimy cut pieces. For long shreds, slice through the length of the cabbage, and for shorter shreds, turn the long side looking towards you and slice through the width.

For long cabbage-like napa, make littler shreds by slicing through the width into wanted sizes. You can slice ⅛ to ¼-inch thick cuts for coleslaw. Stir fries and sautéed cabbage works best with thicker cuts, about ¼ to ½-inch thick.

2. How to Cut up Cabbage with Mandoline

Photo by stanbalik on Pixabay

How to cut cabbage in thin and even-sized shreds? Well, for slight, even-sized shreds, you can use a mandolin and set the ideal thickness. Put the quartered piece level side down. Use swiping developments to rapidly shred the cabbage, but be mindful not to cut your fingers as they draw nearer to the end of the wedge.

3. How to Store Cut Cabbage

Photo by parachute on Flickr

Store entire heads of cabbage inexactly wrapped by plastic or in a plastic bag for around 5 to 7 days. Cut pieces can be put away in an airtight holder for up to 1 to 3 days as long as it has not been hurled in a dressing that contains salt. Try not to wash sliced cabbage until prepared to use in a food recipe.


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