How to Delete YouTube Channel: A Step by Step Guide

How to Delete YouTube Channel: A Step by Step Guide
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SHARE - Do you think your YouTube account kind of useless? Maybe you never try or just don't have time to edit videos, so your channel is empty. Whatever your reason is, you're prepared to make the break. You may wonder how to delete YouTube channel.

Erasing your YouTube channel probably looks like rocket science. As a matter of fact, it is clearly easy. These basic steps of how to delete YouTube channel will guide you to erase your YouTube account. Check these out!

How to delete a YouTube channel


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Deleting a channel on YouTube is quite easy. Follow the steps of how to delete YouTube channel below.

1. Sign in to your YouTube account

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The first step of how to delete YouTube channel is to sign in to your YouTube account. No matter whether you sign in through your smartphone or your PC/laptop, just be sure you have sufficient internet network.

If you open YouTube on PC or laptop, choose 'sign in' at the top of the right corner. Then, log in to the account that you want to delete using your email as well as password.

2. Go to Advanced Account Settings

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When you are signed in, get to a user panel in a similar upper right corner where you signed in. At the bottom of this user panel, select the options for 'settings'. It leads you to an account screen with some options on the left side. From here, select 'advanced settings'.

If you want to make another YouTube channel without erasing your present one, that should be possible from this screen also.

3. Delete Your Channel

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The next step of how to delete YouTube channel is deleting your channel. At the bottom of these advanced settings, find an option written as 'delete channel'.

It's critical to take note that erasing your channel won't erase the Google account related to your YouTube. Choosing this button will ask a re-check (verification) of your login information.

4. Delete the Content Permanently

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After you have done checking yourself again, you are carried to the last screen with two drop-down choices. The choices introduced are to hide your channel or to erase your content. Therefore, this step of how to delete YouTube channel is for deleting the content permanently.

Hiding your channel functions as a deactivation. If you hide your channel, your channel name, videos, subscriptions, subscribers, and likes will be made private. This can at last be switched by re-enabling your YouTube account whenever.

The all the more lasting choice of the two is to for all time erase your account. This will cause your channel name, URL, videos, subscriptions, subscribers, and likes to be totally deleted from YouTube. Click on this option to drop down additional information.

5. Do the Confirmation

The fifth step of how to delete YouTube channel is confirming that you want to delete your YouTube channel. If you are already certain about deleting the channel, you need to check those boxes. It aims to confirm that you know what you are doing and executing. YouTube will inform you exactly what is being permanently erased and what is being retained.

6. Erase YouTube Channel Permanently

When both of the boxes are checked, click 'delete my content'. This is the last step and your content is now set apart for deletion by YouTube. This deletion may not occur quickly.

So don't be shocked if your YouTube channel does not vanish immediately. A few users have reported the procedure taking as long as 30 days on YouTube's end.

Your YouTube Channel Has Been Erased!

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Congrats, you have effectively erased your YouTube account! Don’t worry, if you still want to watch some videos on YouTube, it is still possible because you don't have to sign in to have access to YouTube.

It's just you can't like or add comments to your favorite videos. After all, your YouTube channel is finally gone for good. After the deletion of your YouTube channel, the information related to the channel, such as the watch time, will even now be a piece of total reports.

It won't be ascribed to the erased channel. Besides, the channel URL and channel name will not be noticeable or accessible in YouTube Analytics.


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