How to Disable Avast Antivirus: 5 Easy Tutorials to Turn Off The Protection

Sep 25, 2020 07:00 PM

How to Disable Avast - Photo by 365 Pedia from Flickr
SHARE - Avast is one of the popular antivirus software that can protect your computer from bad and threatening viruses. It can protect your, browser, files, software, and many more.

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But for some reason, we will need to disable the antivirus temporarily or permanently. Instead of uninstalling and installing again the antivirus, you can disable it for the time that you need. 

So, here are easy tutorials on how to disable Avast in your computer in a variety of ways. 

1. How to disable Avast Antivirus

How to Disable Avast - Photo by Eduardo Bovo from Flickr

There are two ways on how to disable Avast antivirus that you can do on your PC.

Disable Avast from the System Tray

Step 1. The first thing to do on how to disable Avast from System Tray is to click right on the Avast icon in System Tray.

Step 2. Then, click "Avast Shields Control". 

Step 3. Here, you can choose how long do you want to disable Avast. You can disable it for 10 minutes, 1 hour, or permanently. 

Step 4. Click "Yes" to confirm. 

Disable Avast from Settings

Step 1. Open Avast to start this tutorial on how to disable Avast from Settings. You can double-click on the icon on the desktop or double-click the Avast icon in the system tray. 

Step 2. Open Settings (the Settings icon is in the right corner. 

Step 3. Click "Components", then disable Field System Shield, Mail Shield, and WebShield. After that, you will choose how long you want it disabled and confirm your selections in the dialog window. 

Step 4. Congratulations, your Avast will be disabled soon!

2. How to disable Avast Mac

How to Disable Avast - Photo by MakeMeSomethingSpecial from Flickr

If you are a Mac user, follow these steps on how to disable Avast on your Mac!

Step 1. Firstly, let's open Avast Security. 

Step 2. Then, click "Preferences". You will find three points of Avast Shield.

Step 4. Now, click "Disable" on the shields that you want to turn off. Done!

3. How to temporarily disable Avast

How to Disable Avast - Photo by Adrian McLean from Flickr

You may need to disable your Avast because of some reasons, like when you want to install drivers, video programs, or other applications. The software may not be recognized when your Avast is on. Then, you need to disable it for a moment. So, follow the steps on how to disable Avast temporarily below!

Step 1. To open the notification area, click the small triangle on your Windows taskbar. Right-click the Avast Antivirus icon for a list of security suite options.

Step 2. Then, click Avast shields control. Now, choose the option depending on how long you want to disable Avast Antivirus. 

Step 3. You will be prompted to confirm the operation. Click "Yes" to confirm your option. Done!

4. How to disable Avast email signature

How to Disable Avast - Photo by okies1972 from Flickr

When you install Avast antivirus by default, there is an email signature setting that is turned on. This may be annoying because there are messages to all of your outgoing emails, like "Virus-free", "This email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by Avast", or "This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software". 

So, here's the tutorial on how to disable the Avast email signature.

Step 1. Right-click on the Avast icon. Then, click the "Open Avast user interface".

Step 2. Now, click the "Menu" in the top right corner, then click "Settings". 

Step 3. Make sure you are in the General section on the left-hand side. Find the "Enable Avast Email Signature" setting and uncheck it.

Step 4. Click "OK " to close the settings. 

Step 5. Restart your email software and your web browser as well. Now, the Avast email signature should no longer be added to your outgoing emails.

5. How to disable Avast popups

How to Disable Avast - Photo by gardenersassistant from Flickr

Avast has a notification feature to let you know about how to disable Avast popups, Avast activity, product updates, warnings, and alerts. But if you feel disturbed by the popups, you can manage it through these steps on how to disable Avast popups below.

Step 1. Open the Avast user interface and click "Menu", then "Settings".

Step 2. In the left panel, click "General", then click "Notifications".

Step 3. Uncheck the box next to Use silent mode and turn off all pop-ups, alerts, and messages. All notifications are silenced now. 

If you want to silent the Software Updater well, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Avast user interface and click "Menu", then "Settings".

Step 2. Click "Performances" in the left pane. Then, click "Software Updater".

Step 3. Then, uncheck the box of "Notifications about new updates" to disable the notification. 


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