How to Do a Cartwheel For Beginners: Try This Step-by-Step Tutorial!

How to Do a Cartwheel For Beginners: Try This Step-by-Step Tutorial!
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SHARE - Want to know how to do a cartwheel? But, you don't know how to start? The cartwheel is a simple gymnastics technique that will make your upper body stronger and help you work your way up to more complex movements.

To know how to do a cartwheel, you'll need to find a comfortable place where you can practice positioning your hands and feet in a position that propels you forward and upside down. If you want to do a cartwheel, make sure to stretch out to prevent injury.

Take a look at this step-by-step tutorial below we have compiled for you!

How to Do a Cartwheel Step by Step

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1. Imagine an imaginary line running straight in front of you. Use this line as a guide on how to do a cartwheel. You may also use the tape of a painter to create a clear line over a carpet or floor. This line will be long by at least a few feet.  

Attempt to stay on the line as if the line were a beam of the balance. You need to note that you need to reflect on the form too, and not the axis, on how to do a cartwheel.

Make sure there's free and clear space along with your line. You should not do cartwheels in the proximity of walls or bits of furniture you may crash into. Injuries happen when you're bumping into something rough.

2. Lunge forward and lift your arms on your lead knee. Bend the front leg slightly to the knee and hold the back leg straight. Keep your feet parallel to the imaginary line pointing ahead. Keep your arms level above your ears.

Starting a cartwheel when facing horizontally is a common mistake on how to do a cartwheel. Make sure that as you prepare and start your cartwheel you face forward. This is the right way.

3. Lower your arms when lifting your back leg towards the ground. Keep your arms high above your hands as you drop them down and help drop your head and chest. Just drop your arms to the deck, about halfway. Pick up your back leg as you hold it straight so that your body forms a "T" pattern.

This is a step on how to do a cartwheel that requires balance. You need to lower your leg several times before you'll reach a position you can keep in a balance.

4. Place your hands on the mat while you move your body sideways. Next, put your arm down on the same side of your body as your lead leg. Then bring down the left arm so that they are spaced out around the width of the neck, close to how they should be placed for a handstand. Place both hands in the line that you picture.

5. Push off on your front side, then pick up your legs in a V-shaped type. Straighten your front leg when you push so that your knees end up in the air and point straight up. Balance your weight on either side of your head with your palms shoulder-width apart.

6. Lower the lead leg as you lift the first hand off the mat. Place your leading leg first down your imaginary line, to complete the cartwheel. The first hand that you put on the mat would automatically rise up as your footfalls. Bring your hand up by your ear to complete the cartwheel.

7. Bring down the other leg as you raise the other side off the mat. The first one must accompany the other leg as it falls. Be sure to put your back foot in the same imaginary line as your leading foot and both feet point back in the direction you came from. Your second hand will rise off the mat automatically, after the first hand.

8. Land in the reverse direction, in a lunge. Place yourself in such a way that your original back leg is subtly bent in front and your original leading leg is straight behind you, much like a lunge. Hold your feet pointed in the direction from which you came. Make sure the arms are straight and pointed up, next to the ears

9. Keep practicing until you are confident with the movements.  Try to practice the cartwheel, switching from leading legs back and forth until you get a hang of it. It might take a while but don't give up!


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