How to Drift a Car on Racing Game: Easy Techniques to Drift Like a Pro!

Jun 30, 2020 06:00 PM

How to Drift - Photo by Viktor Vorsin on Flickr
SHARE - This article will guide you on how to drift on racing games such as Dirt 3 and Need For Speed Rivals. As you may know, some racing games require a technique to drift on its turning. You can learn how to get some technique in drifting by following some simple steps in this article.

But, before going further, you need to know some various kinds of drift that you can try and understand. To get improvement, you have to learn the techniques in some of the racing games a.k.a. drift.

Drifting can actually be done easily, but you need to master the techniques so that the turbo bar will fill up faster. Scroll down to the very end to know how!

Learning How to Drift Over Drift Technique

Photo by Pirelli North America on Flickr

As the name implies, Over Drift means excessive drift. This Speed Drifters drift technique is very useful when we face a double bend. How to do it is also quite easy.

If you want to turn right, press the right turn direction while drifting, then hold the drift button while pressing the right turn direction again. By doing that, you will turn excessively so that there is Over Drift.

How to drift for double turns? When using Over Drift, we don't need to make two turns. Doing enough Over Drift then you will pass two bends.

Quick Turn Technique
Quick turn technique is also one of the Speed Drifters drift techniques. It can even be said as a counterweight to Over Drift. If Over Drift is excessive drift, then Quick Turn is a drift whose duration is quite short, or what is called as fast drift.

To do the Speed Drifters drift technique is quite easy, that is by quickly press the drift button while turning press the turn direction. After a few moments, immediately press the drift button again twice then we will get the Quick Turn.

How to Drift in Dirt 3 Using Bounce Drift Technique

Photo by Viktor Vorsin on Flickr

This technique is applicable to Dirt 3 game. The Speed Drifters drift technique is even more unique than the boost or drift techniques described above. This technique is used to minimize speed reduction due to crashing the outer wall when turning.

The trick to how to drift in Dirt 3 game is when we drift too out and if it will hit the outside wall, placing our car to the back corner of the car that hit the wall. When crashing, you will automatically get a Drift Bounce which will immediately increase the normal speed of the car.

Braking Drift Technique
As the name implies, Braking Drift is a drift technique that combines drift with brake or brakes. How to do Speed Drifters drift technique is quite easy.

First, do the drift when turning. When the car is driven, immediately press the brakes. Only then, the player has done Braking Drift. The usefulness of the Speed Drifters drift technique is that if we drift too fast, it will hit the road divider, then we can brake so that the car drags farther and past the inner barrier, so there is no collision.

How to Drift in Need for Speed Rivals Using Slide Drift Technique

Photo by Viktor Vorsin on Flickr

Slide Drift is one of the drifts that is easy to do on a straight track on Need For Speed Rivals game. But, it is mostly used when we find a double bend that is when turning a little left then turning right.

To do Slide Drift, you have to press the drift button while you're going straight, then turn. If the turn is left then right, do the slide facing right and drift until the car passes the left corner. That way, the body of the car is ready to face straight in the right corner.

Those are various techniques on how to drift that you must master. In order to become the champion in the racing game mentioned above, you should master more than three techniques above. 

Some of the techniques are famously known in many games. But to be able to play it smoothly on the game, you should really understand how it works. Good luck and get your car drifting in a spectacular way!


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