How to Eat Guava: Follow These Step-by-step Guide

Jun 24, 2020 08:05 PM

Image from Rajesh Kumar via Flickr
SHARE - Do you know how to eat guava? Guava is one of those tropical fruits that you can find easily in the market or grocery store near you. Once it comes to how to eat guava you don't even need to know much because you can only reach in and take a bite. The entire fruit is edible and tastes mildly sweet and fruity, like a cross between a pear and a strawberry.

The fruit, native to American tropics, and widely grown in Florida and California is a nutritious snack and gradually more popular among shoppers. This fruit is rich in fiber, potassium, and antioxidants. We want you to learn how to pick a good one, and some tasty suggestions to enjoy the fruit, as you're likely to experience it more frequently.

Okay, you'll be filled with the knowledge after reading this guide on how to eat guava and maybe add a new thing to your shopping list.

1. How to Choose a Ripe Guava

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Until we move on to the guide on how to eat a guava, let's learn how to pick ripe guava. We go from dark green to a brighter yellow-green shade, as guavas ripen. You're going to want to pick one of the yellowish ones and make sure it's free from unnatural blemishes or bruises. Ripe guavas may also often have a hint of pink color to them.

If you pinch it gently, ripe guava would be smooth and give under your fingertips. You can also tell from the scent that guava is ripe. You would be able to smell the musky, spicy fragrance of the berries, without even bringing it to your nose.

You should purchase hard, green guavas and let them ripen at room temperature. Putting them with a banana or apple in a paper bag will allow them to ripen quicker. Guavas may be handled with an edible wax to slow the ripening process, and you may want to rinse them off to accelerate the ripening process.

When they are ripe, guavas can be processed for up to two days in the refrigerator. Slices of guava can also be stored in resealable bags for up to 8 months. Guavas are greatly mixed in smoothies straight from frozen.

2. How to Eat Guava

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Just rinse off the guava and plunge in, eat the rind and seeds. Indeed, a guava's rind has more vitamin C than a whole orange. Place it on a cutting board if you want to cut the guava and halve it. Then slice it down into wedges like an apple.

When you choose not to eat the rind, halve the guava and scrape the flesh out of the rind with a knife, much as you would an avocado. Then, if you wish, you could slice the flesh. Some guavas have pink flesh and other flesh is brown. Sometimes they have harder seeds that you may find unpleasant even though they are edible to the full. You can cut these with your fingers, or with your knife's pointed tip.

3. How to Add Raw Guava to Recipes

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How more would you do with guava rather than just eating it plainly? Anything you can, of course, do with normal fruit! How about this summer producing fruits of love and guava ice pop? Guavas also offer a perfect way out of the dull smoothie routine. Switch it up with other tropical fruits to add an island feel to your portable morning meal. Or slice the lime juice up and just give it a spritz. In a tropical fruit salad, they are particularly delicious. You can also layer them in a trifle.

4. How to Cook with Guava

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Guavas are rich in pectin, the naturally occurring fruit material that makes in the pies and jams thicken. Guava is excellent for making jams or fruit pastes that can be eaten on toasts, with beef, or folded into pastries for that purpose. You may also be creating a guava glaze this summer to complement grilled shrimp. The only problem now that you know how to eat guava, is how not to eat guava. When you've taken the instructions on how to eat guava, you can now enjoy your guava in your perfect way!


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