How to Find Out Your Blood Type for free? Home Tests? Find It All Here!

Apr 08, 2021 04:30 PM

How to Find Out Your Blood Type - Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels
SHARE - For any reasons, you may need to know your blood type. It can be because you need it for medical reasons or to get an international visa. Fortunately, there are numerous ways on how to find out your blood type.

The fastest way is to check your birth certificate because the blood type is sometimes recorded in the birth record. However, if you do not have the right to access this information, we will help you.

Here, you can find information on how to find out your blood type at home, and how to find out your blood type for free.

How to Find Out What Your Blood Type Is

How to Find Out Your Blood Type - Photo by Martin Büdenbender from Pixabay

A simple laboratory test will help you to find out your blood type. However, since it is not part of a routine or health check, you must specifically request it.

Unless there is a medical reason, the insurance provider may not cover it. Therefore, if a patient requests a blood test just to find out their blood type, they are likely to be responsible for their own profits.

How much does it cost to find out your blood type?

Blood work pricing in the laboratory ranges from US$100 for a simple test to US$3,000 for several complex tests. Without insurance, the average cost of a blood test in a laboratory is about $1,500. But can we get it for free?

How to Find Out Your Blood Type for Free?

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A person may be able to find out his blood type for free by donating blood. Non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross collect blood from volunteers and use it in hospitals and emergencies around the world.

By participating in a blood donation event, a person may receive a donation card, which may show their blood type. To donate blood, a person does not need to know his blood type.

But, if it’s hard for you to go out now, you can take the test at home. Buy a home blood type tester, and you find it out yourself. You will find many home blood type testers at different prices.

Some people ask for a small amount of blood to be drawn from finger pricks or saliva. But many tests have not been directly evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Go to the next section to find out how to find out your blood type at home with an at-home blood type kit.

How to Find Out Your Blood Type at Home with Blood Type Kit

How to Find Out Your Blood Type - Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

The home blood kit includes everything you need like slim sticks, straws, finger poker, and the most important thing Eldoncard. An Eldoncard is a piece of paper that has been made to react to your blood in some way. You just need to drop blood on it, spin it and finish!

Here is a more detailed tutorial on how to find out your blood type at home:

Step 1. Place all the components of the kit in front of you and then drop a drop of water on each circle of Eldoncard.

Step 2. Disinfect your fingers with an alcohol wipe first, and then puncture the fingers with a lancet.

Step 3. Squeeze your fingertips to get a big drop of blood. Use a plastic tool included in the kit to transfer a drop of blood to a card ring. Do this for each circle.

Step 4. Use the same plastic rod used for blood collection to spin the blood and water droplets together in each circle. Tilt the card in all directions for 10 seconds.

Step 5. Then, compare your circles of blood to find out your blood type.

Note: If you are afraid of using a lancet, there is actually no harm at all by using it. You just need to put it on your finger and take it away, then put it on your finger and take it off again. Then drink a glass of water. Then come back, put it on your finger, and take it away. Don’t worry about its little damage, you might even be unsure whether it’s working.

How to Find out Your Blood Type Without Drawing Blood

If you don’t want to draw blood, you can also use saliva. A person may be able to use a saliva sample to test their blood type because some people produce characteristic antigens in their saliva.

According to research sources in 2018, if a person does secrete these antigens in saliva, then a dry saliva sample can reliably indicate his blood type.

Note also that not everyone secretes these antigens, and this method does not necessarily indicate the presence or absence of the Rh factor.


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