How to Find Slime Chunks: Easy Minecraft Tutorial!

May 22, 2020 08:19 AM

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SHARE - Generally, slime spawn throughout the world (except mushroom islands). They spawn below level Y=40. Nevertheless, due to the light level, only in certain chunks or 1/10 of entire chunks.

Meanwhile, slime chunks are determined as pseudo-randomly by combining their chunk working with the seed of the world. Kill a slime will give you rewards i.e. slimeballs. They can be used to create items such as sticky pistons and slime blocks.

Wondering how to find slime chunks? Here’s the tutorial that you need. Here we go!

Minecraft How to Find Slime Chunks

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1. How to find slime in a swamp

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Before you find slime chunks, you need to find slimes as well. In order to find slimes in Minecraft, you can follow these steps.

Step 1. Head to a swamp biome

Travel to swamp biomes. Swamp biomes are portrayed by dark trees and grass, vines dangling from trees, and various waterways. You'll typically discover them in gorges or as an expansion of a forest biome.

Step 2. Find the flattest place possible

Discover the flattest spot as possible. Swamp are commonly flatter than most other biomes. But, you'll typically need to discover a flat, wide territory inside the swamp.

Step 3. Empower your coordinates

Activating your coordinates. On Mac and PC, you can do this by tapping the F3 key; after doing so, you'll see a lot of white lines of text pop up in the upper left half of the screen.

Meanwhile, on the console and PE editions of Minecraft, you'll have to open a guide to see the "Y" coordinate.

Step 4. Ensure the spawn region's Y coordinate is somewhere in the range of 50 and 70

When in a swamp zone, slimes will show up between the 50th layer and the 70th layer. For reference, ocean level is at the 65th layer.

Step 5. Discover a dark spot

The light degree of your picked region must be seven or less. You can make an artificially dark region by covering a segment of the swamp's canopy with a dirt block roof and walls, or you can simply discover a region with a low enough light level.

You can see the light level by searching for the "rl" esteem in the second-to-last line of text when you have the directions seen empowered.

Step 6. Ensure the spawning territory at least three blocks of vertical space

Slimes require more than two blocks of vertical space to spawn, so you probably need to get out some foliage, which may raise the light level.

Step 7. Retreat at least 24 blocks from the spawn region

Slimes will not spawn if you are inside 24 blocks of the spawn region. Besides, they will de-spawn if a player is at least 32 blocks away.

Step 8. Wait for a full moon

Slimes often spawn during a full moon, so you might need to construct a little shack with a bed close by and wait for the full moon for some part of the cycle. Remember that slimes will never spawn during a new moon.

Step 9. Attempt to force the slimes to spawn

By making a few platforms with at least three blocks of vertical space between them, you can build the number of surfaces on which slimes can spawn. If you do this, ensure the entirety of the platforms falls within the 50-to 70-layer range!

2. How to find slime chunks in Minecraft

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Here are the steps of how to find slime chunks.

Step 1. Look for caves below the 40th layer

The first step of how to find slime chunks is searching for caves below the 40th layer. If you cannot prompt slimes to spawn in a swamp biome, you probably have more luck underground. Slimes spawn in caves situated in "slime chunks", that are 16 x 16 x 16 block areas. You have a one in ten opportunities of coming over a slime chunk.

Step 2. Put torches to the cave

The first step of how to find slime chunks is to put torches to the cave. Once you find caves below layer 40, slimes are able to spawn in any light condition. Remember that adding torches will both turn to mine simpler and prevent other hostile mobs from showing up.

Step 3. Clear out a 16 by 16 by 16 room.

The next step of how to find slime chunks is clear out a 16 by 16 by 16 room. This forms a chunk. Slimes will not begin spawning immediately when you're here. But, you probably can force them to do so by adding platforms.

Step 4. Craft four one-block high platforms.

The fourth step of how to find slime chunks is creating four one-block high platforms. These platforms ought to be stacked on top of each other with three blocks of vertical spot between each. Having these platforms will enhance the opportunity to spawn area for slimes.

Step 5. Step back at least 24 blocks away

The first step of how to find slime chunks is stepping back at least 24 blocks away from the spawn area. As with the swamp biome, slimes will not spawn if you are in 24 blocks (or closer) away from the spawn region.

Step 6. Wait for slimes to spawn.

The next step of how to find slime chunks is to wait for slimes to spawn. In case you don't see any slimes in a standard night and day cycle, you'll have to discover a new cave.


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