How to Fix a Broken Nail: Try These Manicure Steps at Home!

How to Fix a Broken Nail: Try These Manicure Steps at Home!
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SHARE - Are you experiencing a broken nail? It's totally annoying when you diligently grow your nails to the same length, but some of them are broken. Having a broken nail might be uncomfortable for you to do your daily activities. 

Broken nails happen when it's chipped, smashed, broken off, or gets torn. If you experience one of these, we recommend you immediately fix your nails because broken nails may get you to catch on fabrics or clothes. Or the worst case, it can lead to finger trauma. But, you do not have to worry! 

You can apply these steps on how to fix a broken nail and you will have your nail fixed. Tripboba has compiled 3 easy methods on how to fix a broken nail just for you. Some methods are easy and quick to perform at home! Stick around to uncover the way to fix a broken nail under this article.

1. How to Fix a Broken Nail with a Tea Bag

Manicure - Photo by yunyaduoer from Pixabay

The first method on how to fix a broken nail that you can do on your own is fixing it using a teabag. To do so, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. Clean your nail. Always start with a clean nail before you fix your broken nail. You can use warm water and soap to wash your nails and then dry it completely using a towel.

Step 2. Then, cut a string of teabag that is big enough to cover the crack on your nail.

Step 3. Now, you need to put a small amount of glue on your broken nail. You can use a wooden stick to help to spread the glue evenly to fill the gap.

Step 4. Next, you need to place the teabag that you have cut previously on the top of your nail. Use tweezers to help you to locate it better. 

Step 5. At this stage, you need to apply more layers of glue over the teabag. You can use the stick to help you to make it even.

Step 6. After the glue is dried up, now you need to trim and buff to make it smoother. Keep rubbing it until it is looking natural.

Step 7. Lastly, apply a top coat on the entire nail, and you are done. Yay! Your broken nail is fixed.

2. How to Fix a Broken Nail with Superglue

Nail Art - Photo by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

The second method on how to fix a broken nail is by using superglue. Super glue is the most common material for this case. If you want to fix your broken nail using superglue, here are the steps you need to do.

Step 1. Wash your nail cleanly with warm water and then dry it carefully with a towel.

Step 2. To start the procedure, you need to soak the nail in warm water. It will help your nail to softens.

Step 3. After your nail is completely dry, now you need to apply a small amount of glue to the part that you want to fix. Spread the glue thinly using the help of a wooden stick.

Step 4. Now, press the broken pieces for about 30 to 40 seconds to help them stay attached.

Step 5. You can remove the excess glue using a cotton ball or a Q-tip.

Step 6. Smooth your nail using a buffer and keep doing it until the nail is completely looking natural.

Step 7. Last but not least, apply a thin layer of nail coating or base coat to protect your nail.

Step 8. Yay, you are now done!

3. How to Fix a Broken Acrylic Nail

Acrylic Nail - Photo by Alehandra13 from Pixabay

If you happen to have an acrylic nail and it is broken, all you can do is go to a nail salon for professional help. It usually costs around USD 3 to fix per nail depending on how broken your nail is. It is a little bit complicated to fix your broken acrylic nail at home. So, Tripboba strongly recommends you to visit the nearest nail shop from your home.

That is all the 3 different methods on how to fix a broken nail. We hope it can help answer your question about your pretty nails. But, if your nails are seriously damaged, we recommend you to ask for professional help. So, you can try the steps presented above as the first aid.


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