How to Flirt: Useful Tips to Step Up Your Flirting Game!

Feb 23, 2021 05:00 PM

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SHARE - People need to use a particular technique to flirt because this is neither a simple nor easy thing. Since flirting is a tough thing to master, you will need some tips on how to flirt.

How to flirt? If you're hoping that flirting eventually leads to something more, it's more important for you to be sincere with these first steps. In this article, Tripboba has gathered some tips and tricks on how to flirt. Here are some of the best ways to flirt. Check out the article below!

How to Flirt with a Girl

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Let's get down to a few essential tips for how to flirt with a girl.

1. Tease

Mess with them but not aggressively. You can make her playfully want to hit you. It works really well if it's worked in with a compliment. If you think you can hurt their feelings, don't say it. But, you need to be careful, so you don't annoy or hurt her.

2. Sarcasm

Make everything sarcastic when you're a flirt. It makes the conversation much smoother, and she can continue to open up to you more if she follows your sarcasm. There's no scientific reason for why, but flirting with each other becomes so much simpler if you strip away the gravity of the conversation.

3. Be Funny

Another tip on how to flirt with a girl is you need to be funny. This is important because this will not make you a boring person. It will also be a point plus if you can make your girl smile. 

4. Be confident

This is no less important than the second argument. Get up straight, behave like yourself, and don't worry about making the moves you want to make. It means that you don't need to delay things you want to do. If you're going to give her a little touch on the shoulder or pull her out to dance.

5. Body Language

This is key, and people don't realize it. I thought for young people it wasn't so necessary, but it's absolutely crucial. Keep your body faced towards her when you're standing up. I find it that sitting doesn't necessarily matter as long as you look engaged. Arms must always be open, don't cross them, look down, or play with your hands.

How to Flirt Over Text

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The following are some tips and tricks to bring your flirty text to the next level. Check out now!

1. Callback

When you text your crush for the first time after getting your crush's number, it is a great idea to make your text a callback to a topic you have discussed in person. This thing shows that you pay attention to what your crush was saying.

2. Make lots of laughs

Who doesn't like a person who makes them laugh? Sharing funny things such as memes or puns shows that you have a good sense of humor and want to spread it around. One of the favorite ways to start text conversations is with humor.

3. Be a sweetheart

Another option to start a flirty text is letting your crush know that you cannot stop thinking about her. So, if you've been thinking about her, there's no need to hide it.

4. Compliment

Most people love compliment because it makes us feel good about ourselves. There are many general things you can compliment your crush on. You can give a compliment to your crush's appearance, character, or success.

How to Flirt with a Guy

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Here are some savvy tips to step up your flirting game.

1. SmileĀ 

Laughing and smiling can make you more attractive. It can also show that you are enthusiastic. Pay attention and when he tells a story, react warmly. Being around a spirited, empathetic human is intoxicating.

2. Playful Touches

A few well-timed, "accidental" touches can make a big difference if you're interested in a guy who seems hesitant to take things to the next level. This opens the door to do the same for him, making him feel more at convenience around you.

3. Show your genuine interest

Be genuinely curious about him and his life. Inquire about his family and his interests without making it seem like an interview. Ask for an explanation of how they work if he has any hobbies with which you are unfamiliar.

4. Be innocently seductive

Being innocently seductive doesn't mean that you have to wear revealing clothes. Instead, you can play with your hair or jewelry to draw his attention. Run your fingers into your hair repeatedly. Occasionally, bite your tongue. Feel free to let your eyes drift from his eyes to his lips and back again while he is speaking. Lean in his face as he talks like you're being attracted to him mindlessly.


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