How to Gameshare on Xbox One: Follow This Easy Tutorial!

Jun 04, 2020 06:40 PM

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SHARE - Unlike other gaming consoles, Xbox One has this feature you’ve probably ever heard before calling game sharing. So, what is this all about? Well, game sharing is a feature available in Xbox One that allows its players to share the same game with one friend or partner.

The amazing thing about game sharing is that you can both play the same game at the same time without any trouble. You could even share the Xbox Live Gold with one friend.

In this case, purchasing a digital Xbox game instead of its physical disc is more beneficial since you can share and buy the game together with your friend, while physical disc would allow only 1 account to be able to play the game. This will save you money and also buying digital Xbox game is also easier and faster.

If you’re looking for a tutorial of how to gameshare on Xbox One, you’re in the right place. In this article, Tripboba will tell you about how to gameshare on Xbox One and all the things you should keep in mind before doing a gameshare. Hopefully, this tutorial will help you to be able to share all the games you want to share with your friend. Scroll down to find out!

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1. How to Gameshare on Xbox One: What you need to prepare

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Before we start the steps on how to gameshare on Xbox One, you will need to make sure that you have all the prerequisites. Here’s what you need to prepare:

- An Xbox One console
- A friend or a family member you can trust. (We don’t recommend you to gameshare with random person as both you and your partner have to share Xbox Live passwords or they can input it themselves on the target Xbox One)
- An Xbox Live Account

2. The Steps on How to Gameshare on Xbox One

Unsplash - Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters

If you got all the prerequisites prepared, now you can do the steps to gameshare on Xbox one:

Step 1. Get your partner’s member’s account information.
This step is the most essential for gamesharing. You will not be able to gameshare without acquiring or sharing both your and your partner’s account information. You will need to let your partner know your Xbox Live email and password and vice versa. If you want to get your friends’ game, they will have to give you their email and password.

In case you and your to-be gameshare partner live closely with each other, you can just visit their home and input your email and password on their Xbox, while they do the same to your Xbox. Although the system will leave an access key, it won’t remember your password.

Step 2. Add your partner account to your Xbox One
After you’ve acquired your partner’s account information, you will need to add the account to your console. First, go to Xbox One’s home screen. Then, open the drop-down menu next to your avatar in the top left corner.

You will see an ‘Add New’ button, select it. Then, fill with your partner’s account information and select ‘Choose this person’.

Step 3. Set your console as “Home Console”
After you’ve successfully signed in to your partner account, go to Settings. Then, select ‘My Xbox’ and then select ‘My home Xbox’. After that, select ‘Make this my home Xbox’.

Step 4. Get your partner’s game
The previous steps will allow you to download all the games that your partner has. The way to download them is by logging out of their account and then sign in with your personal Gamertag. After you’ve successfully logged in to your own account, go to ‘My Games & Apps’ and then choose ‘Games’.

Then, scroll to the far right. You will be able to see a section labeled ‘Ready to install’ which is your friend’s game. Select the games you want and then download it. Now you can enjoy your friend’s digital game and the same goes for your partner.

3. Warnings on How to gameshare on Xbox one

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As we have mentioned before, you will need to find a partner you can completely trust. This is because you’re not only going to share an email and password with them, but also because your account comes attached with your credit card/PayPal/Xbox credit. So, don’t easily trust people who invite you to gameshare, moreover if it’s a random person online.

You will be able to change ‘My Home Console’ only 3 times a year. So, you will need to be careful who you’re partnering with or else you will end up with someone else’s console as your Home Xbox.

That’s all about how to gameshare on Xbox one! We hope this tutorial works for you and you will be able to enjoy all the games you want without having to spend too much money. Happy gaming!


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