10+ Ways How to Get Over an Ex, Healthy Ways to Boost the Healing Process!

May 03, 2021 04:00 PM

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Tripboba.com - Breakups are one of the most painful human encounters. It doesn't matter if you didn't see it coming or if you knew it was coming; the pain is genuine and all-encompassing.

It's not just a figment of your imagination, either: When you're heartbroken, research suggests that you feel physical pain and have health consequences. It's no surprise that dealing with a breakup is difficult.

How to get over an ex? Although a pint of ice cream or a night out can temporarily alleviate the pain, there are a few science-backed techniques that can help on how to get over an ex for good.

Tripboba has put together all the healthy ways on how to get over an ex. So, here are some safe ways on how to get over an ex and speed up the healing process!

How to Get Over an Ex You Still Love

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1. Listen to sad music

According to studies, the brain is drawn to sad songs. Listening to sad music can elicit positive feelings like the calm in the listener, according to a 2014 report, which may explain why you're attracted to it after a breakup. Go ahead and hit the play button.

2. Reflect on your breakup

It's tempting to put your ex in a faraway corner of your mind where you won't have to worry about them, but that mindset might be causing more harm than good. According to research, thinking about your breakup will help you recover from the pain more quickly.

3. Hang with your BFF

Admit it: your real other half is your best friend, and spending time with them will make you feel better after the breakup. According to research, spending time with a close friend can relieve stress in the body, which you're probably experiencing right after ending your relationship.

4. Focus on the positives of the split ― then let yourself grieve

Did your significant other unjustly argue with you? Do you miss going out with your friends on your own? Concentrate on the positive aspects of the breakup. According to research, having a positive attitude will improve one's quality of life.

5. Consider the rebound

Individuals who “rebounded” with someone new after the end of their relationship showed higher levels of happiness than those who remained single, according to a 2014 observational study. But there's a catch: the bounces happened seven months after the breakup.

According to experts, there is no set time limit for moving on, so as long as you're seeing someone new and happy with your decision, there's nothing wrong with it.

6. Give yourself time to process

Allowing yourself time to process is the last but not least step in how to get over an ex. The cliché "time cures all wounds" is irritating, but it's a cliché for a purpose. After all, nothing works better than the passing of time after a breakup.

According to research conducted by the American Psychological Association, the more time you have to recover emotionally after a breakup, the better.

How Long Does It Take To Get Over An Ex

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According to studies, people begin to feel better three months after a breakup. According to one report, it takes the average American three months and eleven days to feel ready to date again after a big breakup.

Another survey of 155 undergraduates who had experienced a breakup in the previous six months discovered that 71% of them began to feel substantially better at the 11-week mark, or three months.

Divorces, understandably, are the most time-consuming: Divorcees require about 17 months and 26 days to catch their breath and move on, according to a report on marital splits.

However, everyone's timetable is different, and holding yourself to a fixed recovery date can be unhealthy. There isn't a single miracle date that you can put on your calendar and expect to wake up refreshed and satisfied.

How to Get Over an Ex-Girlfriend You Still Love

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1. Don’t contact your ex-girlfriend

This is the golden law, according to love experts. Stop communicating with your ex-girlfriend by excluding her from all social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Stop stalking your ex-girlfriend on social media; keeping track of her social life can be more harmful to you than beneficial.

2. Accept the pain and be patient to move on

Don't be too harsh on yourself, and don't forget to recognize your pain; by doing so, you're acknowledging that the relationship is over, and once you've agreed to end it, don't think about it again. Be patient and allow time for your broken heart to heal.

3. Let go of your ex-girlfriend even if you still love her

Crying over spilled milk is indeed pointless, and the same can be said for your breakup. It's pointless to wallow in misery and self-pity over something you can't change. Recognize that your ex-girlfriend has moved on without you and has no intention of returning.

4. Have a good cry to move on fast

You may project yourself as a strong person, but it's fine to admit to being weak now and then. Let out a good cry to cleanse your spirit. If you hold all of your emotions inside, they will gradually break you apart.

5. Be selfish and focus on yourself to get over your ex-girlfriend

Recognize that your life isn't focused on your ex-girlfriend. It's past time for you to stop dwelling on her and instead turn the spotlight on yourself. Now is the best time for you to concentrate on yourself.


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