How to Get Rid of Pink Eye: Best Treatments for Pink Eye Condition

How to Get Rid of Pink Eye: Best Treatments for Pink Eye Condition
How to Get Rid of Pink Eye - Photo by Anemone123 from Pixabay
SHARE - Pink eye (also known as conjunctivitis) is an eye condition commonly caused by a bacterial infection, viral infection, irritant, or allergic reaction. Viral is the most common cause of this eye condition, followed by bacterial.

The bacterial pink eye often comes along with an ear or strep infection. It causes more mucus and irritation than other pink eye causes. This eye condition can happen anytime include when you wake up in the morning. Pink eyes usually resolve within two weeks without treatments. 

Whatever is the cause of pinkeye, you will need to feel better fast. Though the quickest way to resolve pinkeye is by seeing the doctor, you can also try several home remedies on how to get rid of pink eye.

These home remedies may relieve itchiness, discomfort, and inflammation. So, what's are treatments on how to get rid of pink eye? Keep reading and find the best cure for your pink eye!

How to Get Rid of Pink Eye Fast Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Pink Eye Fast Home Remedies
How to Get Rid of Pink Eye - Photo by agnesliinnea from Pixabay

There are many symptoms of pink eye include eye redness, irritation, watery, burning, etc. The following ways may help you to minimize the symptoms.

1. Use a compress

As pinkeye causes inflammation around your eye and it can be irritating and painful, it's suggested to apply a cool compress to your eyes. It will soothe the eye and reduce inflammation. Here's how to apply a compress for pinkeye:

  • First, soak a clean washcloth or smooth hand towel in cool water
  • Second, squeeze out the excess water
  • Third, Place the washcloth over the eye and keep it for a few minutes
  • Last, Remove the washcloth from the eye 

2. Pain Relieve Medication

Use over-the-counter medications to minimize pinkeye symptoms. You can get Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen to relieve the pain and inflammation.

Besides, Allergy medications also work to relieve the pinkeye symptoms if it is caused by an allergic reaction. These medicines include antihistamine tablets, topical eye drops containing antihistamines, and mast cell stabilizers.

How to Quickly Get Rid of Pink Eye

How to Quickly Get Rid of Pink Eye
How to Get Rid of Pink Eye - Photo by Victor Vote from Pixabay

Pink eye usually can go away in about 1 to 2 weeks. You can cut a few days off your recovery time if you try the following remedies on how to get rid of pink eye.

3. Use Eye Drops

Over-the-counter eye drops can help relieve itching. You may look for lubricating drops or artificial tears. Apply lubricating eye drops to each eye and don't let the tip of the eye dropper touch your eye.

Eye drops also work to relieve the symptoms of any pinkeye types. These can soothe burning and irritation in the eye. Besides, eye drops also help to flush out allergens and discharge. If you use the eye drops, keep them in the refrigerator.

4. Skip Contact Lens

When you got pinkeyes, stop wearing contact lenses until your eyes are no longer red. There will be a high risk of pinkeye if you wear contact lenses for long hours.

Since contact lenses lie and cover the entire cornea, the amount of oxygen in your eyes decreases. People who wear contact lens too long can suffer from Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) Discard your contact lens and disinfect them overnight. Or it's better to replace your contact lens.

How to Get Rid of Pink Eye Fast

How to Get Rid of Pink Eye Fast
How to Get Rid of Pink Eye - Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pixabay

The quickest way to identify the causes of pink eye is by seeing your doctor. When the causes are detected, the doctor will prescribe medications for pink eye. Here are the quickest ways on how to get rid of pink eye: 

5. See the Doctor

Sometimes pink eye can worsen and requires medical attention. When you experience symptoms like problem seeing, intense eye pain, increased sensitivity to light, and a significant amount of mucus coming out from your eyes, you should meet your doctor as soon as possible. Besides, if you already try home remedies for a week and pink eye symptoms don't get better, it's time to see an eye doctor.

6. Do Eye Hygiene Tips

Another way on how to get rid of pink eye is to maintain eye cleanliness. We have several tips for eye hygiene and make sure you practice it at home>

  • Use a clean face towel every day
  • Always wash your hand after touching potentially contaminated items and before touching your eyes.
  • Remove mascara properly, make sure there's no residue
  • Clean your eye makeup brushes with soap and warm water to prevent contamination.


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