How to Give a Cat a Pill: Prop Tips to Help the Medicines Go Down Smoothly

How to Give a Cat a Pill: Prop Tips to Help the Medicines Go Down Smoothly
How to Give a Cat a Pill - Photo by Crina Doltu from Pexels
SHARE - Giving a cat a pill—or any medication—is among those jobs pet owners usually have to do when their fur babies are sick. It's not as very easy as it appears, though: there are teeth and also claws you want to stay clear of. Also, let’s not forget the fact that cats are just experts at spewing out tablets.

That’s why in this article Tripboba has got you covered with some tips on how to give a cat a pill. However, we want to make sure that you consult your vet first for any restrictions on just how the medication ought to be administered.

As soon as you have actually got the idea on the do’s and don’ts in giving your cat medicine, then you’re off to go! Make sure to keep reading our article!

How to give a difficult cat a pill

How to Give a Cat a Pill - Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

The key in learning how to give a cat a pill is to try to approach the task calmly so that you can minimize stress to your cat. Never put yourself at risk of getting bitten or scratched—this is why watching your cat closely is important to look for any signs of fertility and distress.

If your cat is very docile, you can give the pill to your furry friend as is. Place your cat on a flat, stable surface such as the floor or a tabletop; you can put down a towel to stop them from slipping. It’ll be easier for you to give the medications from behind or next to your cat. Just make sure you’re not taking your cat by surprise as this will startle them and may result in a defensive scratch or nip.

Now, take the pill in one hand and with the other hand gently hold over the top of their head with your thumb and index fingers on either side of their jaw and tilt your cat’s head upwards. Gently open the lower jaw with the other hand. Then, slip the pill near the back of his tongue, close his mouth and wait for him to swallow the medicine.

Sadly, cats, in general, tend to act more aggressively and will resist our attempts. And this is when you’d want to learn how to give a cat a pill. Fret not—you can try one of the strategies to know how on the next page!

1. How to give a cat a pill in food

How to Give a Cat a Pill - Photo by from Pexels

Let’s first use trickery to learn how to give a cat a pill. You can hide the medications in a cat treat—find soft cat treats with a hollow in the center and insert the pill there, pressing the opening together.

Don’t forget to give your cat an additional treat after he ate the treat containing the pill to disguise the bitter taste of medication even more. The additional treat also acts as a reward for your fur baby as he has taken the medicine without any drama!

But then, how if the trick doesn’t work yet you still insist on using food to lure him into taking the med? You can try grinding the pill and mix it with your feline friend’s fave treat! Put a small amount of your cat's favorite treat in a bowl—consider food with a strong scent such as tuna fish or canned cat food to hide any scent of the pill.

No need to give him a bowl full of food: use only about a tablespoon or so of the food so your cat eats the entire contents containing the medication.

While mixing the med with food is basically safe, you have to watch out for food that can potentially make you’re your cat sick. This includes any food containing onions, garlic, chocolate, or lactose.

2. How to give a cat a pill with a pill-popper

How to Give a Cat a Pill - Photo by

After learning some trickeries on how to give a cat a pill, sometimes we’re still failed at the attempts. This is when you need to wrap your cat like a burrito and use a pill popper to successfully give your little fury his medications. Wrapping your cat in a blanket so only his head is uncovered is useful to restraint him from biting or scratching you.

Make sure you prep the med beforehand by placing the pill in the open end of a pill popper. Lift your cat's head upward while holding his cheeks, insert the pill popper on one side of the mouth where there are no teeth. Now, direct the pill popper toward the back, center of the mouth and depress the plunger.

Remove the pill popper and immediately hold your cat's mouth closed. That way, the med will be swallowed by your cat—try stroking your kitty's throat to encourage swallowing.


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