How to Keep Bananas Fresh: 4 Effective Ways to Follow

How to Keep Bananas Fresh: 4 Effective Ways to Follow
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SHARE - Wondering how to keep bananas fresh? There are some food storage tricks that you can try especially in keeping your bananas fresh. The tricks include storing with other fruit, using plastic wrap, keeping it on banana trees, as well as storing and freezing it in the fridge.

Here, Tripboba will give you some easy tips on how to keep bananas fresh. Using the tips we provided below, learn the best ways on how to keep bananas fresh for longer!

1. How to Keep Bananas Fresh Longer

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Place the stems in a plastic wrap to keep a bunch of bananas fresh for longer. After picking one, cover the bananas with the wrap again. This strategy prevents ethylene gas, emitted naturally during the ripening cycle, from entering and prematurely maturing certain areas of the fruit. 

This strategy is hit or missed since it is impossible that the plastic wrap coating can fully avoid contact with the ethylene gas. But it is probably better than nothing.

2. How to Keep Bananas Fresh with Foil

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Wrapping the stems (the crown) in plastic wrap stops the stalks from absorbing ethylene. It also, to some degree, inhibits moisture evaporation and the absorption of ethylene produced by surrounding fruits.

You should put some plastic wrap tape over it. You should line the stems with foil if you want to. Whenever you cut a banana from the bunch, you may need to gently tie it back again. This will help them remain fresh longer.

3. How to Keep Bananas Fresh in the Fridge

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If you are not going to immediately eat ripe bananas, place them in a plastic bag, seal them, and keep them in the fridge. The peels can darken so it won't affect the skin. Remove them a few hours before your snack-time from the refrigerator, encourage them to return to room temperature, and then eat. 

Ripe bananas should be stored in the fridge for at least one week. Frozen bananas are hard to peel. Additionally, thawed bananas will become a messy semi-viscous layer. So, remove them, place them in a plastic tub or zipper storage bag, and then freeze them. These bananas can be used to make smoothies or to cook/bake.

Sprinkling some lemon juice over them should guarantee that the thawed bananas will not turn orange. Never fried green bananas. They wouldn't grow properly and even though you extract them later, upon returning to room temperature, they wouldn't be able to restart the maturing cycle.

4. How to Keep Bananas Fresh After Peeling

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You should use the same trick you've seen on apples to keep the banana slices from browning: vinegar. To stop enzymatic browning, quickly throw the banana slices in some lemon juice. Complete coverage can help prevent the slices from turning brown, particularly on the cut sides.  

Vinegar can also function, in addition to lemon juice. And, for that matter, would sulfuric acid, but you still don't want to consume it either. The acid prevents the enzymatic degradation process and stops you from converting your sweet, sweet banana slices into mushy little brown hockey pucks.

5. The Best Ways to Store Bananas

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Tip 1: Leave Bananas in a Bunch

Tests were performed about how bananas ripened quicker while they were in a bunch or together. The difference is very slight but the bananas left in a batch will ripen a little slower. Pack bananas from the plastic container, and leave them attached.

Tip 2: Hang Banana Bunch

A banana tree is a decent bet because you eat a lot of bananas. The fruit is hanging by the combined stems and allows air to flow uniformly around each fruit. This would remove "resting bruises" from each other's fruit lying on.  

Tip 3: Place Bananas in a Bowl

You should leave bananas in a bowl to avoid bruising anyway. Simply put the bunch face the bottom of the bowl with its angled edge. This lets the fruit from the bottom fruits on top dangle free.

Tip 4: Wrap Banana Stems

Bananas use their stems to release ethylene gas. The more gas released, the more fruits ripen. So, you block or delay this gas from escaping by covering the ends of the stems in plastic wrap.

Tip 5: Store Unripe Bananas at Room Temp

Bananas are a tropical fruit and enjoy warm weather. They are not doing well at colder temperatures. When you're freezing the bananas until they're ripe, they're definitely not going to be as good as you eat them. Store the bananas at room temperature until they are fully ripe.


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