How to Lock Cells in Excel: Follow These Easy Tutorials to Protect Your Worksheets!

Oct 17, 2020 02:00 AM

How to Lock Cells in Excel - Photo by a1myob course from Flickr
SHARE - Are you familiar with using Microsoft Excel? Maybe most adults or teenagers are now using Microsoft Excel in their daily business. But, do you already know or use all the features including how to lock cells in Excel?

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Locking cells in Excel means you are protecting your worksheets. This action will prevent others to make changes to your worksheet. Besides, it prevents others from moving or deleting important data.

But, protecting cells does not mean prevent all changes, you can set up which areas of your worksheet that will be locked. While if you want to perform the editing of the cells, you need to unlock those cells first.

On this page, we have provided step by step process that will help you on how to lock cells in Excel. Different from Numbers, you can lock cells in a variety of ways including lock specific cells, cell ranges, rows, and columns. 

How to lock cells in Excel Mac

How to Lock Cells in Excel - Photo by Mohamad Sholeh from Flickr

Lock cells in Excel can be done in several ways including on Mac. Here we will show how to lock cells in Microsoft Excel on Mac.

Step 1. Choose which cells you want to lock

Step 2. Go to the "Format" menu, then select "cells" under the format menu option

Step 3. Now, click the "Protection" tab and select "lock" in the check box. The default system makes all locked formatting turn off before you set them.

Step 4. Then, go to the tab "Review" and click "Protect sheet" or "protect workbook". Enter a password for the sheet or workbook and under the Verify option, retype your password. Make sure your first password is balanced with the second one.

Step 5. If you do not want others to choose the locked cells, click to clear the "Select locked cells check box.

Step 6. While if you want to be able to select and fill out the unlocked cells, you can select "Unlocked cells".

Step 7. If you want to allow others to locked the cells including select and format, go to "Allow users of this sheet to", choose the element people able to select or change.

Step 8. Last, click "OK" and the system will lock the cells in excel.

How to lock cells in Excel 2007

How to Lock Cells in Excel - Photo by a1myob course from Flickr

Locking a cell in Excel 2007 is different from how to lock cells in Excel Mac.

Step 1. First, select all the columns and rows in your sheet. Then right-click and choose the "Format cells" option from the pop-up menu that appears after you right-click. 

Step 2. After that, select the Protection tab option. and click the "Unlocked" check box. Then, click the "OK" button. The cell you just unlock will be editable, but the remaining sheet will be locked.

Step 3. Then, go to the review tab and choose the "protect sheet". Then, uncheck the "select locked cells" option under the menu. This action will protect people from clicking in your locked areas.

Step 4. Last, click "OK" and the process on how to lock cells in excel is done.

Another easiest way for how to lock cells in Excel is by including the keyboard. Here is how to do so:

Step 1. Start by selecting which cells do you want to lock

Step 2. After that, go to the "Formula Bar"

Step 3. Then, select the formula where you want to apply the lock feature.

Step 4. Last press "F4" on your keyboard. This is how to lock cells in Excel formula will work.

How to lock Cells in Excel Worksheet

How to Lock Cells in Excel - Photo by Adams Academy from Flickr

If you want to protect the overall data in Microsoft Excel, you can lock all the cells in worksheets or even workbooks.  Follow the below instructions to lock cells in a worksheet.

Step 1. Select the cells that you want to lock.

Step 2. Then, go to the "Home" tab and select the small arrow in the "Alignment" group. A popup window will appear, then click "Format cells"

Step 3. After that, go to the "Protection" tab and choose the "Locked" check box. Click "Ok" and the pop-up will be closed

Step 4. Go to the "Review" tab in the ribbon and select either "Protect sheet" or "protect workbook" in the "Changes" group.


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