How to Lose Love Handles Men

How to Lose Love Handles Men
How to Lose Love Handles - Photo by Keifit from Pixabay

1. Mountain Climbers

To do this first exercise on how to lose love handles, you do not need to do it literally, even doing mountain climbing is also good to work our abs, but doing it at home on your mattress also giving you a good result to lose your love handles. 

To do mountain climbers exercise, start in a high plank position and have your hands directly under your shoulders with straight arms. Your spin should be in a straight line, so your weight will be distributed evenly through your palms and toes. You need to keep your core engaged.

Then, bring your right knee to your right elbow and set your right foot in the ground for a beat. After that, send your leg back and repeat on the other side, bringing your left knee to your left elbow and keep your hips down as you alternate your legs.

You can start with sets of 10 to 12 for 3 rounds, but once your body gets used to being to this exercise, you can increase your speeds and reps.

2. Burpees

As we know that burpees good to build muscle strength and endurance, it is also good on how to lose love handles in no time. Mainly divide into 3 parts of exercise, follow these steps below to be able to do it properly.

Start with standing at the top of your mat, place your feet shoulder-width distance apart and get ready to do a squat. Lower down and bending your knees. Then, place your hands on the floor underneath your shoulders.

After that, immediately continue with the next exercise, hop back. You need to straighten your legs and land in a push-up position and do 1 push up. Then, get ready to move to the next exercise, hop your feet back to the starting position.

Push off through your legs and jump into the air with your arms overhead. So, you have done 1 repetition. You may repeat for 8 to 10 repetitions.


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