How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft: A Step-by-step Guide

How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft: A Step-by-step Guide
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SHARE - Minecraft isn’t only about crafting woods and collecting dirts to make buildings. It’s also creating magic, superpower, and everything that seems impossible in the real world. To fully experience Minecraft, one has to explore all the possibilities and willing to try new things in the game itself.

If you’re a beginner, you have a long way to go to explore it all. But, once you’ve dipped your feet in the game, it’s such an addictive thing to do. One of the most popular things that Minecraft players long to build is a beacon.

It’s a block that beams light to the sky and will also give you powers if you’re nearby, such as speed, jump boost, haste, regeneration, resistance, or strength. It’s considered as a rare block and not very easy to obtain.

Aside from being a light source emitting level 15 of the light, beacon can also melt snow and ice. In Minecraft Java edition, pistons can’t push beacon. when activated, it serves the purpose as a landmark shooting light beam to the sky which can be visible from far away. To function, it also has to be placed on a pyramid which we will explain later in this article.

If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to make a beacon in Minecraft, look nowhere else! In this article, we will give you a full and easy guide on how to make a beacon in Minecraft. Just keep scrolling down!

1. How to make a beacon in Minecraft

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Before starting the tutorial on how to make a beacon in Minecraft, make sure that you have all the materials ready. Here are the materials needed to build a beacon:
5 glass blocks
3 obsidians
1 nether star
Because the nether star is required, you can only make beacon block after defeating the Wither. That way, you can earn yourself a Nether Star. After you’ve gathered all the materials you need, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Open crafting table/crafting menu.

Step 2. Place the materials onto the grid. Keep in mind that you can’t place the materials randomly as there is a certain pattern you have to follow.

For the first row of the grids, place glass blocks on each first, second, and third box.
For the second row of the grids, place glass block on the first box, 1 nether star on the second box, and the last glass box on the third row.
For the third row of the grids, place the one obsidian on each first, second, and third box.

Step 3. After you’ve placed the materials correctly, you will see a beacon block is created on the box on the right side.

Step 4. After that, move the beacon block to your inventory.

Step 5. Congratulations! You just have made yourself a beacon box.

2. How to make a beacon work in Minecraft

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After knowing how to make a beacon in Minecraft, you’re probably wondering about how to make it work. Or, in another word, how to make a beacon in Minecraft light up? No worries! We will tell you about it as well.

As we have mentioned before, a beacon block needs to be placed on top of a pyramid in order to make the magic work. but that’s not the only requirement, because the beacon must have the open sky above it. It means that you can’t place it in a building and then expect it to shoot beams to the sky.

Now, to make the pyramid, you will need a lot of blocks – but not just ordinary blocks. It’s a combination of iron, gold, diamond, and emerald blocks (you can choose either of these mineral blocks and place them randomly, no need to be symmetrical). The pyramid itself can be 1-4 layers high.

The more layers you build, the wider the effect of the beacon. Say that you want to make 1 layer of pyramid for one beacon. Then you will only need 9 mineral blocks to be placed. If you want 2 levels of pyramid, then you will have to prepare 34 mineral blocks with 5x5 blocks of minerals on the ground layer and then 3x3 blocks of minerals on top of it. Then, place the beacon in the center part of the pyramid.

A number of powers will be available depending on how many layers of pyramid you build. To activate one of the powers, you can place an emerald, diamond, gold bar, or iron bar in the slot. Then, choose power and press the green checkmark.

3. How to make a rainbow beacon in Minecraft

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Once you have beacon block(s), making a rainbow beacon is pretty easy! Say, that you want to have 7 colored rainbow beacons, then all you need to have is 7 beacon blocks and 7 stained glass with the colors you prefer.

If you want the colors to change automatically, you can incorporate pistons and clock to make the stained glass pushed in a rotating manner on the beacon. Press shift + right-click on the top part of the beacon to place the stained glass. After you’ve placed the stained glass on top of the beacon, it should have a color beam!

You can also mix the color by placing more than one stained glass on top of the beacon. The colors that are produced will be the same as basic color mixing. For example, if you place a yellow and blue stained glass, the beacon will light green beam.

If you have 7 beacons, you can place them side by side on top of one pyramid. It will look extra pretty!

That’s all about the tutorial on how to make a beacon in Minecraft! Even though it’s not easy, we hope you will successfully make it and get the powers!


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