How to Make a Dog Throw Up: Follow These Guides to Save Your Dog from Harm

How to Make a Dog Throw Up: Follow These Guides to Save Your Dog from Harm
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SHARE - Our lovely fur babies are full of curiosity and love eating things they find interesting. Like our snacks which seem tasty to us but actually toxic to them. Or medicine, chemical substances, and other dangerous objects. You may need to know how to make a dog throw up if your fur baby has just eaten things that do harm to their bodies.

One of the most common dangers for pets is a poison used for garden pests or rodents. This is something that is often easily accessible to dogs when they’re out of doors. Your dog can even get exposed to rat poison by swallowing a dead rat while walking around the complex.

When You Should Induce a Dog to Vomit

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You might need to know how to make a dog vomit because it needs to be done within about two hours—before the toxic substance passes through the stomach. The safest option is by taking your dog to the vet right away if they’ve swallowed something dangerous. If you can’t get there fast enough, it’s best to call your vet before you make your dog throw up.

Your vet can advise you on whether or not you need to, or should, induce vomiting, all based on a full history including your dog’s condition, and the substance they swallowed. Before learning how to make a dog throw up, you should first meet the following criteria:

• Your dog has just swallowed a toxic substance and is not yet showing signs of illness. Chances are, the substance likely hasn’t passed through its stomach yet within the past two hours.

• The substance your dog swallowed is a non-corrosive. Corrosive substances can burn the throat as it comes back up. This includes a battery, bleach, or toilet bowl cleaners.

• The substance that your dog swallowed isn’t petroleum-based or oily which has a high risk of causing severe lung problems if accidentally inhaled.

• A swallowed object isn’t too big or has sharp edges, that can damage your dog’s throat when they vomit.

• Your dog is alert, mentally stable, and does not have a history of seizures.

• The dog doesn’t have any recurring problems related to its stomach, breathing, or throat.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Make a Dog Throw Up

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After you understand the rules, now you can start to learn how to make a dog throw up. Bear in mind that even if you’ve met the criteria and are able to follow the procedure, consulting your vet always becomes the top priority.

So, how to make a dog throw up if they have eaten something that can really hurt them? Scroll down a bit to get the answer!

To induce vomiting in a dog, there are only two scientifically backed substances that are safe to use in the home environment. These are 3% hydrogen peroxide and washing soda crystals.

1. How to make a dog throw up with hydrogen peroxide

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Follow the steps below to induce vomiting in a dog using hydrogen peroxide:

Step 1. Use a fresh, unopened, bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide. The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon of 3% peroxide for every 5 pounds of your dog’s weight, with a maximum of 3 tablespoons if your dog weighs more than 45 pounds. 

Previously opened peroxide can go flat and be ineffective. Only use 3% hydrogen peroxide. Hair dye peroxide could be even more toxic than the substance that your dog has swallowed!

Step 2. You’ll also need a clean syringe to administer the peroxide. You can also use a turkey baster if you have a very big dog.

Step 3. When your dog is relaxed, gently pull his lip away from the side of his mouth, and squirt the dosage between the back teeth. Don’t shoot the syringe straight to the back of the throat since it’s possible that your dog may accidentally breathe in some of the peroxides.

Step 4. An alternative suggestion is to pour the first dose onto a slice of white bread.

Step 5. Your dog should vomit within 10 to 15 minutes.

2. How to make a dog throw up without hydrogen peroxide

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Follow the steps below to induce vomiting in a dog using washing soda crystal:

Step 1. Lift the upper jaw with one hand and squeeze the upper lips over the teeth. Drop the washing soda crystal to the back of the throat with your other hand.

Step 2. Using one hand, keep the dog's mouth shut. Stroke your dog’s neck with the other hand. When the dog licks its lips it has swallowed the emetic. 

Step 3. Vomiting will likely occur within several minutes. If the poison is unknown, don't throw out the vomit. Keep a sample to bring to your vet so that they can further identify the substance that your dog swallowed and treat your dog better. 


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