How to Make a PDF, 4 Simple Tips and Tricks to Try

May 27, 2020 07:10 AM

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SHARE - Do you know how to make a PDF file? Adobe Systems developed the Portable Paper File or PDF. It has become the industry standard for paper sharing. A PDF document is an exact copy of the original document, whether it is a word or text file, a graphic image, a picture, a map, or even a film.

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It also can be password-protected to limit access to functionality like editing and printing to make a PDF File, you must have the appropriate software enabled. The most popular app for generating PDFs is Adobe Acrobat.

While this app must be bought, Adobe provides a free PDF viewer called Adobe Reader, which you can access from their website. There is also another easy way on how to make a PDF file. Are you curious? 

Here Tripboba will give you some simple easy steps o how to make a PDF file. Check this out!

1. How to Make a PDF File

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Step 1. Open Acrobat and select "Tools" > "File development."

Step 2. Choose the sort of file from which you want to create a PDF: single file, multiple files, scan, or another alternative.

Step 3. Depending on the type of script, press "Make" or "Next"

Step 4. Follow the instructions to convert to PDF, and save to the place you like.

2. How to Make a PDF Smaller

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Discover how to make a PDF in a smaller size in this guide. It is sometimes called maximize PDF or compress PDF. You can compress your file without having to rebuild the PDF format, regardless of the preset used to create a format.

Depending on the Adobe PDF settings used to create the file, the size of a PDF file can differ enormously. For instance, files generated using the preset High-Quality Print would be larger than the files produced using the presets Regular or Smallest File Size.

Regardless of the preset used to create a file, the size of the file will also be reduced without having to recreate the PDF. You'll use the Minimize File Size command in this section to significantly decrease or compact a PDF file size.

Step 1. Open a PDF-file in Acrobat.

Step 2. Choose Document > Reduce File Size.

Step 3. Select Acrobat 8.0 And later for file support, and press OK. When selecting the level of support, be mindful that the older the Acrobat version you chose, the smaller the package. But, if you chose Acrobat 9 availability, you should be confident your target audience already has version 9 enabled.

Step 4. Name the file which was changed. Click the 'Save' button to end the operation. Saving a file with a new name is also a smart idea so that you don't delete an unmodified version.

Acrobat optimizes the PDF file automatically, a method that can take a minute or two. Any anomalies are seen in the Alerts on Conversion window. Click 'Yes' to lock the window if need be.

Step 5. Minimize the gap on Acrobat and view the decreased file size.

Using various compatibility settings, you can repeat steps 1-5 to see if they affect file size. Note that the file size can potentially be expanded by certain settings.

Step 6. Choose File > Close to close your file.

3. How to make a PDF Fillable

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Step 1. Open Acrobat, click on the “Tools” tab and select “Prepare Form.”

Step 2. Select a file or scan a document:

Acrobat analyses the document automatically and applies fields to the template.

Step 3. Add new form fields:

Use the top toolbar and adjust the layout using tools in the right pane.

Step 4. Save your fillable PDF:

You can share it with others as well, or press Distribute to instantly gather answers.

4. How to Make a PDF file with MS Word Document

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Furthermore, some successful PDF third-party programs are free to print. Any of these can recover PDFs in the original documents. Few products have built-in PDF converters, such as the Microsoft Office 2007. Here's how to make a PDF file from an MS Word document in MS Word:

Step 1. Click the Office button.

Step 2. Shift the mouse pointer to the Save As button over the cursor, and pick either PDF or XPS.

Step 3. Type a PDF name in the File Name tab, or pick one from the file list.

Step 4. Choose PDF as a drop-down list form in Save.

Step 5. After publishing pick Open file to access the new PDF after it was developed and saved. This choice is available only if you have a PDF reader installed on your computer.

Step 6. Choose either Standard (Online Publishing and Printing) or Minimum Size (Online Publishing) under Optimize with, depending on whether you prefer higher print quality or lower file size, respectively.

Step 7. Click Options, and select the correct choices for printing.

Step 8. Click OK.

Step 9. To continue the development process in PDF, press Print. If you intend to make some changes or adjustments to the PDF, bring them into the original Word document and then generate a new PDF.


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