How to Make Rails in Minecraft: The Easy Steps to Follow

How to Make Rails in Minecraft: The Easy Steps to Follow
Rails - Photo by @minecraft from Instagram
SHARE - A rail is important in the World of Minecraft. A rail is required if your character wants to travel from one place to another. The main purpose of this game is to mine something, and going in and out from the mining place might be troublesome. Therefore, having a rail with you will make your survival life in Minecraft would be easier. 

It is a non-solid block that creates a long path to help you travel with the minecarts. Are you curious about how to make rails on Minecraft? Worry not, Tripboba will show you the 4 different ways on how to make rails in Minecraft just for you. So, stay tuned until the end of this article to get the answer to your question on how to make rails in Minecraft.

1. How to Make a Rails in Minecraft?

Rails - Photo by @minecraft from Instagram

Rails in Minecraft can be placed on the floors of abandoned mineshafts or in the woodland mansions. It can also be placed at the top of any solid block such as stone, dirt, a block of gold, and many more. You can also place the rails on the top of hopper, upside-down slab, or even placing it above the underwater will work.

Here are the steps on how to make rails in Minecraft that you need to know about.

Step 1. Prepare the required material (6 iron ingots and 1 stick) to make the rails.

Step 2. Open the crafting menu on your Minecraft. Then, open the crafting table in which a 3x3 crafting grid will be shown.

Step 3. Add the items that are needed to make the rails. Put the iron ingot on the first box and the third box on the first row. For the second row, you need to place 1 iron ingot on the box 1, 1 stick on the box 2, and 1 iron ingot on the box 3. The orders on the third row are the same as the first row.

Step 4. After placing the materials correctly on the crafting grid, you will see the rail on the right side.

Step 5. Lastly, you need to move the rails into the Inventory, and you are done in crafting the rails.

2. How to Make Powered Rails in Minecraft?

Here are the guides on how to make rails in Minecraft the powered version. To make powered rails in Minecraft you need 6 gold ingots, 1 stick, and 1 Redstone dust. The steps on how yo make rails in Minecraft, powered version are shown below.

Step 1. Open the crafting menu and open the crafting table.

Step 2. You need to add all materials that are needed to make powered rails in Minecraft. Place the materials with the order as follows; 1 gold ingots on the box 1 and box 3 on the first row of the crafting grid, 1 gold ingot - 1 stick - 1 ingot on the second row, and 1 gold ingot - 1 Redstone dust - 1 gold ingot on the third row. If you place it correctly, a powered rail will be shown in the right box.

Step 3. You need to move the powered rails to Inventory.

Step 4. The powered rails are ready to use.

3. How to Make Auto Rails in Minecraft?

The last method on how to make rails in Minecraft that Tripboba will show to you is the Auto Rails in Minecraft. Here are the easy guides to follow on how to make rails in Minecraft; auto version.

Step 1. Dig a hole. The hole must be 4x2 wide and 3 deep.

Step 2. Place 3 blocks, 2 Redstone torches, and a repeater on max delay on the hole that you have dug.

Step 3. You have to add 3 more blocks and torch above the repeater.

Step 4. Next, ass the Redstone torch and track them. Repeat the process a couple of times until you get it right.

Step 5. Now, add the minecart on the detector rail. 

Step 6. On the last step, put a block on top of a torch in the lower-left corner area and then place the dispenser beside it. Then, cover up the hole and leave the two blocks to the right of the dispenser to placed above the ground so your minecart would not be stuck inside the hole.

Now, you have created the rails in Minecraft. Does this article on how to make rails in Minecraft help you? Happy mining then!


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