How To Make Yourself Cry: Here are 12 Tips You Never Knew You Needed

Apr 24, 2020 12:00 PM

Crying - Photo by Fathromi Ramdlon
SHARE - Are you feeling stuffy inside but you cannot make the tears fall out the eyes? For whatever reason, crying is the best method to cope with sadness. After the effect of crying, sometimes you will feel better and good to let yourself express the sadness feeling inside you. 

Everyone in this world is crying once in their lives. Every baby is born to express themselves by crying. Crying is not a shame, if you are sad, then you are sad. You do not need to hide your feeling behind a happy mask. If you feel you need to burst into tears, do it. Cry as much as you want to make your feel better.

Why do people crying? Man, women, boys, girls, children, teens, everyone is crying at least once in their lifetime. Humans cry to relieve their stress, sadness, disappointment, yearn, and any other deep feelings they have. Sometimes, humans cry when they feel extremely happy too. It is a way to release the emotions and to show that we are only a genuine human being. 

Sometimes, some people cannot cry? Why can't they cry? Maybe they went through so many extreme emotions in their life, so their tears dried up. The only way to release all those pressing emotions is by having a good crying. 

If you are having a good cry, you should be relieved and you will feel like some of the burdens that you have are leaving you along with the tears flowing down the cheeks. Crying could be good therapy for humans. Cry your heart out until you feel better. After that, happiness will come after you.

How to Make Yourself Cry to Relieve Stress

If you want to provoke your tears to come out, there are 12 ways to make yourself cry to release stress. You can try one of the 12 tips on how to make yourself cry. Here are the 12 ways you can follow on how to make yourself cry:

1. Recall sad moments in your life

Being sad - Photo by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The first tip on how to make yourself cry is to recall your sad memory collection. Try to think the saddest moment in your life to provoke your sad emotion to come up on the surface. It might be painful but recalling sad moments is the most effective way on how to make yourself cry faster. 

You maybe try to recall when you are being parted up with your lover, the memory when you lose something in the past, or a personal tragedy that has happened to you. This method might be not good for your mental health, if it happens, you can try to move to the next way on how to make yourself cry.

2. Open your eyes without blinking for a minute or so

Teary eye - Photo by Cheryl Holt from Pixabay

People blink to give the eye lubricant so they are not dried up. The idea of opening your eyes wide without blinking is to push the eyes to do its job to moisten itself using the tears. You will surely feel a little burning because you try to push the eye to not blinking for a long time. But this method might help you to make the tears falling on your cheek.

3. Try to cut onions

Onions - Photo by Positive_Images from Pixabay

Have you ever chopping onions and later you found yourself crying? Yes, you can try to chop onions if you want to make yourself cry. There is the enzyme that is being released when onion in being cut up. This enzyme could trigger the eye to produce a good amount of tears. This method will make you cry pretty fast.

4. Use eyedrops

Sad - Photo by Małgorzata Tomczak from Pixabay

If you are an actor or model and you need to have tears falling down the cheeks instantly, you definitely can try this method. This is the fastest way on how to make yourself cry. Put a few drops of eye drops and let it do its works. It will stimulate the eyes to produce an excessive amount of tears and there you go, you will have good tears in no time.

5. Listen to sad music

CD Plate - Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pixabay

The next method on how to make yourself cry is by listening to sad music. Try to put sad music playlist and make your surroundings became as moody as you are. This will help you to feel the sad emotion faster. Closing your eyes while immersing in the good sad music also helps to make you cry.

6. Gently rub the eyes

Sad Feeling - Photo by StockSnap from Pixabay

By rubbing the eyes, it will create a certain amount of tears to protect the eye from scratches. After gently rubbing the eyes for a few seconds, there will be tears left on your eyes. But please do this method carefully so you will not hurt your eyes.

7. Repeat certain phrases

Emotion - Photo by Anemone123 from Pixabay 

This step is also called self-hypnosis. By repeating certain phrases that you believe, you can make yourself sad and crying after some time doing it. This repeating method is one of the harder ways on how to make yourself cry. 

You have to have a strong concentration in making yourself believe in the phrase you repeating. This method may take the longest but you can try it too.

8. Yawning

Yawning - Photo by Luisella Planeta Leoni Pixabay

Yawning is one of the ways to make tears falling down your cheeks. When you are yawning, several facial muscles around the eyes will be tightened. It will push parts that contain the tears on your eye be contracting and instantly producing tears that will come out from the eyes. If you are tired, you can work this method out.

9. Use the menthol method

Gloomy - Photo by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

Using menthol can be a way to provoke the tears to come out. Chemicals on the menthol will help you to cry. All you need to do is to put menthol tear stick or menthol tear producers under your eyes and tears will easily come out from your eyes.

10. Try to create a sad dialog

Sad Dialog - Photo by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Imagining a certain sad dialog may help you to cry your heart out. Try to create the most tragedic dialog and picture yourself to have a conversation with the person that makes you feel bad. This one needs your acting skill to create a real atmosphere of sadness so you will be crying after having the dialog that you have wrote.

11. Watch your favorite sad movie

Trapped in Thought - Photo by Jaume Escofet from Flickr

Another quick way on how to make yourself crying is by watching a really sad movie. It can be another quick way to make yourself cry. You will feel empathy. In no time after watching the sad scene, you will find yourself crying because of it. 

12. Read a sad book

Book with Yellow Rose - Photo by Peggy Choucair Pixabay

The last tip to make yourself cry is by reading something that has a sad story. Reading something that makes you feel bad about eventually will help you to release the sad emotion inside you. Provoking your emotion by reading books will help you understand the emotion even better. 

That's all the 12 tips on how to make yourself cry. Which one that you wish to try? Whatever reason that will make you want to cry, we always wish you happiness afterward!


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